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Geely UAE Cars

Geely Automobile Holdings Limited is a Chinese automotive manufacturer with a remarkable history of growth and global expansion. The company was founded in 1986 by Li Shufu in Taizhou, Zhejiang, China, as a refrigerator manufacturing company. In 1997, Geely shifted its focus to the automotive industry, becoming one of China's first privately-owned automakers.


Geely initially produced low-cost motorcycles and small cars, targeting the affordable segment of the Chinese market. The brand gained recognition for its cost-effective vehicles, appealing to budget-conscious consumers.


In the early 2000s, Geely expanded its product lineup to include more sophisticated and higher-quality models, showcasing its commitment to improving design, safety, and technology. In 2010, Geely made a significant stride in its global expansion strategy when it acquired Volvo Cars from Ford Motor Company, making it the first Chinese automaker to acquire a well-established Western automotive brand.


The acquisition of Volvo Cars bolstered Geely's reputation and technological capabilities, providing it access to advanced safety features and engineering expertise. Since the acquisition of Volvo, Geely has continued to grow both domestically and internationally. The company has formed partnerships and collaborations with other automakers, including Daimler AG (Mercedes-Benz) and Proton, further strengthening its global presence.


Geely has also made strides in the electric vehicle (EV) market, launching several electric and hybrid models and investing in research and development of green technologies. Geely remains one of China's leading automotive manufacturers and continues to expand its global reach through acquisitions, partnerships, and innovative product offerings.

Geely Cars May 2024 Price List in UAE

You can choose from 8 available Geely models in the UAE. The Geely UAE line-up consists of 3 Midsize SUVs, 2 Hatchbacks, 2 Sedans and 1 Fullsize SUV. Geely G70SB 3.3 Turbo AWD, starting at AED 215,000*, is the most affordable model while the Geely Emgrand GK at AED 69,900* is the brand’s most expensive model. Geely G70SB 3.3 Turbo AWD is the most powerful model in the brand's line-up.

Model NamePrice List
Geely EmgrandAED 57,900* - 69,900*
Geely CoolrayAED 67,500* - 82,000*
Geely StarrayAED 84,900* - 84,900*
Geely OkavangoAED 89,900* - 110,000*
Geely TugellaAED 105,900* - 129,000*
Geely MonjaroAED 123,900* - 129,900*
Geely Geometry CAED 129,900* - 129,900*
Geely G70SBAED 215,000* - 215,000*
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2024 Geely Azkarra
  • EMI Starting From Not Available
2024 Geely EC7
  • EMI Starting From Not Available
2024 Geely GS Sport
  • EMI Starting From Not Available
2024 Geely X7 Sport
  • EMI Starting From Not Available
2024 Geely Starray
AED 84,900*
  • EMI Starting From AED 1,507*
2024 Geely Emgrand
AED 57,900* - 69,900*
  • EMI Starting From AED 1,028*
2024 Geely Coolray
AED 67,500* - 82,000*
  • EMI Starting From AED 1,198*
2024 Geely Okavango
AED 89,900* - 110,000*
  • EMI Starting From AED 1,595*
2024 Geely Tugella
AED 105,900* - 129,000*
  • EMI Starting From AED 1,879*
2024 Geely Geometry C
AED 129,900*
  • EMI Starting From AED 2,305*
2024 Geely Monjaro
AED 123,900* - 129,900*
  • EMI Starting From AED 2,199*

Geely Cars Key Highlights

Most AffordableGeely G70SB 3.3 Turbo AWD
Most ExpensiveGeely Emgrand GK
Most PowerfulGeely G70SB 3.3 Turbo AWD
Available Body Types3 Midsize SUVs, 2 Hatchbacks, 2 Sedans and 1 Fullsize SUV