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Carprices Team / Posted On - January 12th 2024

Explore the diverse UAE sedan market with our guide featuring standout sedan models from Toyota Corrola to Honda Civic. Get insights into their features and prices for an informed 2024 automotive experience.



In the vibrant automotive landscape of the United Arab Emirates, choosing the right sedan car in the UAE can be a daunting task. The market is flooded with options, each promising a blend of style, performance, and safety. To assist you in making an informed decision in 2024, we've compiled a detailed guide to the 7 most reliable and popular sedans in the UAE from which some have a great fuel economy figure.

1. Toyota Corolla - Unveiling Timeless Excellence


Starting at AED 73,900, the Toyota Corolla is an embodiment of timeless excellence. Its strong heritage has paved the way for a remarkable transformation, evident in its low, wide, and aggressive front end.

Key Features

  • Design: The Corolla boasts a lower, wider shape that not only enhances aesthetics but also provides a comfortable ride.
  • Technology: A 7" Audio Display, AM/FM/CD/AUX/USB/BLUETOOTH AUDIO/MID/TEL/CRUISE Control ensures an immersive driving experience.
  • Safety: Equipped with the VSC (Vehicle Stability Control) system, the Corolla prioritizes safety with optimal control over engine power and braking force.
  • Engine options: 1.6L petrol engine with 121hp and 154Nm, paired with a CVT automatic


2. Honda Civic - Redefining Elegance and Performance


Starting at AED 126,500, the Honda Civic is a masterpiece that seamlessly blends elegance with high-performance capabilities.

Key Features

  • Safety First: The Honda Sensing suite introduces active safety and driver assistance technologies.
  • Sporty Design: LED Headlights, Twin Exhaust, and 17" Gloss Black Alloy Wheels contribute to the Civic's sporty silhouette.
  • Infotainment: Featuring a 10.2" Driver Information Interface and a 9" Display Audio, the Civic integrates technology seamlessly.
  • Engine options: 1.5L engine delivering 180hp and 240Nm, paired with a CVT automatic.


3. Nissan Altima - Where Power Meets Technology


Starting at AED 110,000, the Nissan Altima stands out with its dynamic appearance, increased power, and advanced onboard technology.

Key Features

  • Design Excellence: A reimagined v-motion front grille and turbine design 19” alloy wheels showcase the Altima's eye-catching design.
  • Infotainment: A 12.3” infotainment screen and ProPILOT technology elevate the in-car entertainment experience.
  • Engine Options: Choose between a 2.5L petrol with 188hp and 244Nm or a 2.0L turbocharged petrol with 248hp and 380Nm, both with a CVT gearbox.


4. Honda Accord - Unveiling Innovation and Style


Starting at AED 104,500, the Honda Accord is a testament to innovation and style, embracing both exterior and interior excellence.

Key Features

  • Distinctive Front End: The active shutter grille and 18-inch alloy wheels accentuate the Accord's style.
  • Interior Comfort: A 10.2-inch touch-screen with swipe functionality, dual-zone automatic climate control, and multi-angle rearview camera ensures a spacious, comfortable and safe ride.
  • Engine Options: Available with a 1.5L turbo petrol (194hp) paired with a CVT and a 2.0L turbo petrol (247hp) with a 10-speed automatic transmission.


5. Toyota Camry - A Legacy of Trust and Performance


Starting at AED 98,900, the Toyota Camry, with 20 straight years as one of the longest-running nameplates, signifies trust and performance.

Key Features

  • Striking Design: Built on Toyota’s Global Architecture (TNGA), the Camry boasts a refined feel with a sleek instrument panel.
  • Safety Innovation: Introducing Rear Cross Traffic Auto Brake, the Camry prioritizes safety during reversing.
  • Powerful Performance: A 2.5L petrol engine with 204hp and 243Nm paired with a CVT transmission ensures a powerful and smooth ride.


6. Hyundai Elantra - A Symphony of Design and Technology


Starting at AED 70,379, the Hyundai Elantra stands out with its dramatic four-door-coupe look and "Parametric Dynamics" design theme.

Key Features

  • Design Identity: Resembling diamond-cut gemstones, the Elantra's front sporty look is complemented by a premium interior environment.
  • Technological Integration: A 10.25-inch multimedia screen, wireless Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto provide seamless connectivity.
  • Engine Options: Choose between a 1.6L petrol (126hp) and a 2.0L petrol (157hp), both paired with a 6-speed automatic.


7. Kia Cerato - Combining Style, Safety, and Performance


Starting at AED 67,320, the Kia Cerato makes a bold statement with its sharp design, advanced safety features, and powerful performance.

Key Features

  • Design Sophistication: The signature tiger nose grill and modern-day elegance make the Cerato visually appealing.
  • Loaded Interiors: Dual-tone theme, Android Auto, heated steering wheel, and drive mode select contribute to a loaded interior.
  • Powerful Engine Choices: Opt for a 1.6L turbo petrol (204hp) with a 7-speed automatic or a 2.0L petrol (150hp) with a 6-speed automatic.



In conclusion, these 7 sedans stand out in the UAE market, each offering a unique blend of style, performance, and safety. Whether you prioritize design, technology, or power, there's a sedan on this list to suit your preferences. Make an informed choice and embark on a journey of automotive excellence with the sedan that resonates with your lifestyle.



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