The New 2019 VW Touareg Is A Fully Tech-Laden SUV Team / Posted On - August 23rd 2022

VW has been working on a new and upgraded model of its highly popular SUV, the Touareg, for quite some time now. We've seen many spy pictures of the test mule of the car in the past being tested for one or the other thing. Now, the wait is finally over, and VW has finished its homework and has unveiled the all-new 2019 Touareg.
VW wanted the new Touareg to be a completely new vehicle and not just a minor upgrade. At the same time, it was also important to keep the brand name Touareg alive and carry it forward with the new model. And we're telling you, the new one will simply blow up your mind.
In order to compete in today's fierce and challenging market, VW has made a plethora of changes to make the new 2019 Touareg stand out from the crowd. The new model is huge. It has grown in size to leave a bigger footprint than before. When compared to the outgoing model, the new one is 77 mm longer, 44 mm wider and 7 mm lower. The increased dimensions helped the engineers to extract out more space inside the vehicle, and that's evident when you open up the boot which has a capacity of 810 litres without folding any of the seats of the last row.
Even though the new 2019 Touareg is bigger in size than its predecessor, it has not gained weight. In fact, it is now a healthy 106 kg lighter. That is a big number considering all the changes that VW has made. This reduced weight is courtesy of using a blend of some high-end materials which include aluminium and high-tech steels.
VW has also reworked the way the new Touareg looks. There are many changes in the exteriors of the car to make it look more appealing and modern. The front end of the new Touareg gets a massive grille with chrome horizontal slats that carry down to the bumper as well. The magnificently designed LED headlamps gel beautifully with the top of the grille. These LEDs aren't any normal ones. VW has used the matrix LEDs and they're said to be the finest available in the world. VW says that there are 128 LEDs in each headlight that can be individually illuminated when necessary to provide more than sufficient illuminance. They are powerful enough “to make night-time bright as day.”
Coming to the side view of the new Touareg, we can see a prominent sharp line that travels from the front door of the car all the way to the rear section and ends just above the tail light cluster. The design of the alloy wheels fits the character of the SUV just fine. They are available in a size of 18-inch for the base model and 21-inch for the higher variant.
VW didn't change much at the rear end of the new Touareg. Like we mentioned before, it had to keep the silhouette of the Touareg and it has done just that. You get a wide tail light cluster with the name of the SUV sitting proudly at the centre of the boot lid, just below the VW logo.
The interiors of the new 2019 Touareg has been nurtured with a whole lot of things than the exteriors. The fit and finish are obviously top-notch and flawless. There's ample amount of room inside the cabin. Then there's the large 12-inch fully digital instrument cluster just beside the huge 15-inch touchscreen. Most of the functions of the car can be altered by this and hence there aren't many physical buttons. VW has integrated a plethora of high-end advanced technologies in the new Touareg to cater to the needs of the techie side of its customers. There's the all-wheel steering system, night vision system, four-corner air suspension (with electronic damping control), massaging and ventilated front seats, four-zone air conditioning, a 730-watt, 14-speaker Dynaudio sound system, a huge panoramic sunroof, etc. Of course, most of these features will be available at an additional cost.
The new Touareg will come in different engine variants. There will be a 3.0-litre turbocharged diesel engine which churns out 231 bhp of power. The same engine will also be available in a different state of tune to produce a max power of 286 bhp. Then there's a V6 petrol powered engine that produces 340 bhp. And the top-end engine will be a 4.0-litre diesel unit which has got 421 horses to deal with.
There's no question to the fact that the new 2019 Touareg is a better vehicle than its predecessor. Being in its 3rd generation, there are a lot of high expectations from the tech-laden SUV. Let's see when VW will bring the latest Touareg in the Middle East. Prices, variants and availability haven't been disclosed yet.

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