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    W Motors UAE Cars

    W Motors is a luxury sports car manufacturer based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The company was founded in 2012 by Ralph R. Debbas, a Lebanese entrepreneur. W Motors gained instant attention for its ambitious vision and its goal of producing exclusive and high-performance hypercars.

    In 2013, W Motors unveiled its first hypercar, the Lykan HyperSport, at the Qatar Motor Show. The Lykan HyperSport captured the world's attention with its striking design, lavish interior, and impressive performance, including a claimed top speed of 245 mph (394 km/h).

    The Lykan HyperSport became famous for its appearance in the "Fast & Furious 7" movie, where one of the hypercars performed a dramatic stunt by crashing through multiple skyscrapers.

    In 2019, W Motors introduced its second hypercar, the Fenyr SuperSport, boasting even more extreme performance and design. The Fenyr SuperSport features a lightweight carbon fiber body, a powerful twin-turbocharged flat-six engine, and advanced aerodynamics.

    W Motors remains a boutique luxury brand, producing limited editions of their hypercars and catering to a select clientele with a penchant for exclusivity and high-performance automobiles. Their commitment to craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology positions W Motors as a unique player in the world of hypercar manufacturing.

    W Motors Cars April 2024 Price List in UAE

    You can choose from 2 available W Motors models in the UAE. The W Motors UAE line-up consists of 2 Sports Cars. W Motors Fenyr SuperSport Coupe (900 HP), starting at AED 5,245,330*, is the most affordable model while the W Motors Lykan HyperSport Coupe (780 HP) at AED 12,738,658* is the brand’s most expensive model. W Motors Fenyr SuperSport Coupe (900 HP) is the most powerful model in the brand's line-up.

    Model NamePrice List
    W Motors Fenyr SuperSportAED 5,245,330* - 5,245,330*
    W Motors Lykan HyperSportAED 12,738,658* - 12,738,658*
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    2024 W Motors Fenyr SuperSport
    AED 5,245,330*
    • EMI Starting From AED 93,091*
    2024 W Motors Lykan HyperSport
    AED 12,738,658*
    • EMI Starting From AED 226,078*

    W Motors Cars Key Highlights

    Most AffordableW Motors Fenyr SuperSport Coupe (900 HP)
    Most ExpensiveW Motors Lykan HyperSport Coupe (780 HP)
    Most PowerfulW Motors Fenyr SuperSport Coupe (900 HP)
    Available Body Types2 Sports Cars