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Isuzu UAE Cars

Isuzu Motors Limited is a Japanese automobile and commercial vehicle manufacturer with a rich history dating back to 1916. The company's origins can be traced to the Tokyo Ishikawajima Shipbuilding and Engineering Company, which initially focused on producing trucks and buses. In 1949, the company underwent a name change to Isuzu Motors Limited, named after the Isuzu River in Japan.


Isuzu gained prominence in the 1950s and 1960s as a leading manufacturer of diesel engines, establishing a reputation for their reliable and efficient powertrains. During this period, Isuzu also began producing commercial trucks, buses, and light-duty vehicles, catering to both domestic and international markets.


In the 1970s, Isuzu formed a joint venture with General Motors (GM) known as DMAX, resulting in the development of diesel engines used in various GM vehicles, including pickups and SUVs. This collaboration strengthened Isuzu's global presence and technology-sharing capabilities.


Throughout the years, Isuzu expanded its operations globally, exporting their vehicles to countries around the world. They gained particular success in markets like Australia, where Isuzu trucks became widely recognized for their durability and performance.


In the 1980s and 1990s, Isuzu further solidified its position in the commercial vehicle market, particularly with the introduction of the Isuzu Trooper and Isuzu Rodeo SUVs. These models were well-received in the United States and other regions, helping Isuzu establish a foothold in the passenger vehicle segment as well.


In the 2000s, Isuzu underwent a period of restructuring and refocusing on its core strengths, namely commercial trucks and diesel engines. They scaled back their passenger vehicle production and concentrated on developing advanced diesel engine technology to meet stricter emission standards.


Isuzu continues to be a significant player in the commercial vehicle and diesel engine markets, serving various industries worldwide. The company remains committed to innovation and sustainability, exploring opportunities in electric and alternative fuel technologies to address the evolving demands of the automotive industry.

Isuzu Cars April 2024 Price List in UAE

You can choose from 2 available Isuzu models in the UAE. The Isuzu UAE line-up consists of 1 Pick-Up and 1 Fullsize SUV. Isuzu D-MAX 1.8L Crew Cab 2WD, starting at AED 113,016*, is the most affordable model while the Isuzu MU-X 2.5L AWD LS at AED 117,800* is the brand’s most expensive model. Isuzu D-MAX 1.8L Crew Cab 2WD is the most powerful model in the brand's line-up.

Model NamePrice List
Isuzu MU-XAED 87,822* - 117,800*
Isuzu D-MAXAED 113,016* - 125,970*
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2024 Isuzu MU-X
AED 87,822* - 117,800*
  • EMI Starting From AED 1,559*
2024 Isuzu D-MAX
AED 113,016* - 125,970*
  • EMI Starting From AED 2,006*

Isuzu Cars Key Highlights

Most AffordableIsuzu D-MAX 1.8L Crew Cab 2WD
Most ExpensiveIsuzu MU-X 2.5L AWD LS
Most PowerfulIsuzu D-MAX 1.8L Crew Cab 2WD
Available Body Types1 Pick-Up and 1 Fullsize SUV