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Hongqi UAE Cars

Hongqi, which translates to "Red Flag" in Chinese, is a prestigious automobile brand in China. It is owned by the FAW Group Corporation, one of China's largest state-owned automotive manufacturers. The brand's history dates back to 1958 when the first Hongqi car, the CA72, was produced for the Chinese government's elite and foreign dignitaries.


Initially, Hongqi cars were exclusively reserved for high-ranking officials and state guests, symbolizing China's national pride and sovereignty. These luxury sedans became a symbol of prestige and power within the country and were often used during important state events and ceremonies.


Throughout the following decades, Hongqi continued to develop and produce luxury vehicles, including limousines and sedans, with a distinctive and elegant design reflecting Chinese cultural elements. Despite its exclusive beginnings, the brand gradually expanded its offerings to include more commercially available models.


In recent years, Hongqi underwent a revitalization and rebranding effort to appeal to a broader consumer base. FAW Group aims to transform Hongqi into a global luxury brand, with plans to compete on an international scale, showcasing Chinese craftsmanship and technology.


The modern-day Hongqi models blend traditional design elements with cutting-edge technology, and they have gained popularity among affluent Chinese consumers seeking a homegrown luxury brand. The Chinese government also uses Hongqi cars for ceremonial purposes and official events, reinforcing its significance as a symbol of national pride.


As China's automotive industry continues to evolve, Hongqi remains an iconic name representing the country's automotive heritage and aspirations for a prominent position in the global luxury car market.

Hongqi Cars July 2024 Price List in UAE

Model NamePrice List
Hongqi H5AED 85,000* - 111,000*
Hongqi HS5AED 119,000* - 149,000*
Hongqi H7AED 149,000* - 169,000*
Hongqi E-QM5AED 149,940* - 149,940*
Hongqi H9AED 229,900* - 309,900*
Hongqi HS7AED 234,549* - 288,099*
Hongqi E-HS9AED 530,000* - 530,000*
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2024 Hongqi E-HS9
AED 530,000*
  • EMI Starting From AED 9,406*
2024 Hongqi H5
AED 85,000* - 111,000*
  • EMI Starting From AED 1,509*
2024 Hongqi HS5
AED 119,000* - 149,000*
  • EMI Starting From AED 2,112*
2024 Hongqi E-QM5
AED 149,940*
  • EMI Starting From AED 2,661*
2024 Hongqi H7
AED 149,000* - 169,000*
  • EMI Starting From AED 2,644*
2024 Hongqi HS7
AED 234,549* - 288,099*
  • EMI Starting From AED 4,163*
2024 Hongqi H9
AED 229,900* - 309,900*
  • EMI Starting From AED 4,080*