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Cadillac UAE Cars

Cadillac is an iconic American luxury automobile brand with a long and illustrious history in the automotive industry. The brand was established in 1902 by Henry Leland, who named it after the French explorer Antoine Laumet de La Mothe, sieur de Cadillac, the founder of Detroit, Michigan.


Cadillac quickly gained a reputation for producing high-quality, innovative vehicles with cutting-edge technology. In 1912, Cadillac introduced the electric self-starter, a significant advancement that revolutionized the automotive industry and made it easier for drivers to start their cars.


Throughout the 20th century, Cadillac became synonymous with luxury and elegance, attracting an affluent clientele. The brand's vehicles were known for their opulent interiors, smooth ride, and powerful engines.


Cadillac also played a crucial role in automotive design, often setting the trend for the industry. It introduced the iconic tailfins and distinctive front grille designs that became synonymous with American luxury cars of the 1950s and 1960s. In the 1980s and 1990s, Cadillac faced competition from imported luxury brands, leading to a shift in design and marketing strategies to appeal to a younger and more diverse audience.


In recent years, Cadillac has continued to evolve, focusing on introducing a new lineup of luxury vehicles with advanced technology, including electric vehicles, to stay relevant in the ever-changing automotive landscape.


Today, Cadillac remains a prominent luxury brand under General Motors (GM) and continues to be recognized for its combination of luxury, performance, and innovative features, making it a beloved choice among luxury car buyers around the world.

Cadillac Cars April 2024 Price List in UAE

You can choose from 6 available Cadillac models in the UAE. The Cadillac UAE line-up consists of 2 Sedans, 1 Fullsize SUV and 3 Midsize SUVs. Cadillac Escalade 6.2L V Series, starting at AED 599,000*, is the most affordable model while the Cadillac CT5 2.0T Sport at AED 205,000* is the brand’s most expensive model. Cadillac Escalade 6.2L V Series is the most powerful model in the brand's line-up.

Model NamePrice List
Cadillac CT4AED 150,000* - 300,000*
Cadillac XT4AED 160,400* - 184,000*
Cadillac CT5AED 169,100* - 380,000*
Cadillac XT5AED 184,100* - 220,100*
Cadillac XT6AED 204,800* - 250,900*
Cadillac EscaladeAED 362,900* - 599,000*
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2024 Cadillac XT4
AED 160,400* - 184,000*
  • EMI Starting From AED 2,847*
2024 Cadillac XT5
AED 184,100* - 220,100*
  • EMI Starting From AED 3,267*
2024 Cadillac XT6
AED 204,800* - 250,900*
  • EMI Starting From AED 3,635*
2024 Cadillac CT4
AED 150,000* - 300,000*
  • EMI Starting From AED 2,662*
2024 Cadillac CT5
AED 169,100* - 380,000*
  • EMI Starting From AED 3,001*
2024 Cadillac Escalade
AED 362,900* - 599,000*
  • EMI Starting From AED 6,441*

Cadillac Cars Key Highlights

Most AffordableCadillac Escalade 6.2L V Series
Most ExpensiveCadillac CT5 2.0T Sport
Most PowerfulCadillac Escalade 6.2L V Series
Available Body Types2 Sedans, 1 Fullsize SUV and 3 Midsize SUVs