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          Bentley UAE Cars

          Bentley is a British luxury automobile manufacturer renowned for its elegant and high-performance vehicles. Its history is rich in craftsmanship, racing success, and association with luxury. It was started by Walter Owen Bentley in 1919. The first Bentley car, the 3-Litre, was introduced in 1921 and quickly gained recognition for its power and reliability.


          In the 1920s, Bentley earned fame through its motorsport success. The Bentley Boys, a group of wealthy British gentlemen drivers, drove Bentley cars to numerous victories, including four wins at the 24 Hours of Le Mans between 1924 and 1930, solidifying the brand's reputation for performance and endurance.


          Despite early successes, Bentley faced financial difficulties in the late 1920s, leading to the company's acquisition by Rolls-Royce in 1931. Bentley then became part of Rolls-Royce Motors, and the two brands remained closely associated.


          Bentley continued to produce luxurious and powerful cars under Rolls-Royce ownership, maintaining its focus on performance and comfort. The Bentley Continental, introduced in 1952, became a highly regarded model, symbolizing the brand's commitment to grand touring excellence.


          In the late 1990s, Rolls-Royce Motors was split into two separate entities: Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, owned by BMW, and Bentley Motors, owned by Volkswagen Group. Volkswagen took ownership of Bentley in 1998, injecting significant investment into the brand and modernizing its production facilities.


          Under Volkswagen's ownership, Bentley experienced a resurgence, introducing a range of new models that combined classic design elements with advanced technology and engineering. The Bentley Continental GT, launched in 2003, became one of the brand's most successful and popular models.


          Today, Bentley remains known for its opulent luxury, high-quality craftsmanship, and powerful engines. The brand's vehicles are handcrafted in Crewe, England, and continue to be sought after by discerning customers worldwide who appreciate the blend of performance, luxury, and heritage that Bentley represents.

          Bentley Cars July 2024 Price List in UAE

          Model NamePrice List
          Bentley Flying SpurAED 846,590* - 1,325,990*
          Bentley BentaygaAED 866,990* - 1,070,990*
          Bentley Continental GTAED 899,630* - 1,121,990*
          Bentley Continental GT ConvertibleAED 1,223,990* - 1,223,990*
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          2024 Bentley Bentayga
          AED 866,990* - 1,070,990*
          • EMI Starting From AED 15,387*
          2024 Bentley Continental GT
          AED 899,630* - 1,121,990*
          • EMI Starting From AED 15,966*
          2024 Bentley Continental GT Convertible
          AED 1,223,990*
          • EMI Starting From AED 21,723*
          2024 Bentley Flying Spur
          AED 846,590* - 1,325,990*
          • EMI Starting From AED 15,025*