Zenvo TSR-S: Closer Look At The Mad Danish Hypercar

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At the recently concluded 2018 Geneva International Motor Show, Danish supercar builder Zenvo launched a limited edition extreme hypercar called the TSR-S. Aside from the jaw-dropping specifications and performance, the trick aerodynamics of the car is the stuff of future.

Zenvo had quite the cars at its pavilion in Geneva Motor Show. Along with the stunning TS1 GT and track-exclusive TSR, the company had also brought out a new hypercar that sits right in between the previous two. The Zenvo TSR-S looks absolutely mad with its flared aerodynamic kit giving it a mean aura. And would you just look at that massive wing…

Before we delve deeper into the workings of the aero, allow yourself a few moments to take in the specifications of this monster. The Zenvo TSR-S is powered by a twin-supercharged 5.8-liter flat-plane-cranked V8 that generates an astonishing 1,200 hp. This is no typo, the car does push that much power from its race-tuned motor, which is delivered to the wheels via a seven-speed transmission with helical cut dog gears controlled by paddle-shifters. The car hits 100 kph in 2.8 seconds flat, and achieves the 200 kph mark in 6.8 seconds, the latter of which is same time as the amazing McLaren Senna!

Strangely, Zenvo has completely omitted the torque figures from its spec-sheet. The front (20 inches) and rear (21 inches) wheels are super lightweight and shod with fat rubber, which reassuringly suggests the presence of a massive amount of torque. The fact that so much horsepower only needs to lug around 1,495 kg of the TSR-S makes you wonder if the hypercar might just take off and blast through the sky. Which is where the aerodynamics come in.

Zenvo has apparently put in a lot of research while coming up with the TSR track car, which filters down the model range to benefit the TSR-S. The street-legal TSR-S gets a comprehensive aerodynamics package a-la its track sibling. There is a big air dam up front, aided by flared side scoops under the doors, a rear diffuser, and last but not the least, that gigantic in-your-face wing. It is a wing in the sense that it tips up to aid downforce and drastically shorten braking distances.

Zenvo’s “Centripetal” wing, patent pending, is capable of moving along two rotational axes. In addition to working as an airbrake, this wing can also tip towards either of the two rear wheels, which the company says has a major aerodynamic advantage over conventional single-axis wings that can only be optimised for cornering at a certain speed. Zenvo claims an increase of 30% in surface grip in some situations, which means that the TSR-S can carry a lot of speed going through corners. With this tech, the aero can be set up to bend every which way possible to keep the rear end firmly planted, which is quite good for the safety of the souls driving this insane car.

A good thing that Zenvo did with the TSR-S is giving it three riding modes, starting with the 700 hp Minimum, followed by IQ, and a Maximum mode that unleashes all the 1200 ponies. IQ mode is geared to send the maximum punch to the rear wheels in all conditions, closely but unintrusively monitored by a traction control system.

Inside, the cabin is opulent yet spare. Owners can choose whether to keep or remove components like the air-con, sat-nav, airbags, and the sound system depending on the use they want to put the car to. As a fully-loaded package also, the Zenvo TSR-S does not have too many gadgets that can distract you from the job at hand: pointing the nose of the car where you want it to go, and praying the rear end doesn’t decide to break away under power. But with that incredible Centripetal wing, Zenvo has got you covered, I daresay.

How much will the Zenvo TSR-S cost? The company hasn’t revealed pricing yet, but given that the TS1 GT comes in at $1.7 million, and the fact that the TSR-S offers so much personalisation, it is not going to be cheap by any means. Zenvo intends to build just five cars a year, spread across its three models. Is this as niche as it gets?

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