Vocabulary Overhaul: Ford Could Be Naming The ‘Baby Bronco’ As ‘Puma’

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Our days of calling Ford’s upcoming smaller iteration of the Bronco, the ‘Baby Bronco’ might be behind as the company has now filed a trademark for the name ‘Puma’ in a blue oval.

GoAuto from Australia were among the firsts who discovered the trademark filing to the World Intellectual Property Office and had published a report last week. However, one of the trademark filings is for Australia while the other one is for New Zealand.

This could prove that the company has moved on from its previous front-runner ‘Maverick’ nameplate for which a trademark was filed earlier. The new applications for ‘Puma’ were filed in late October and early November. In Europe, Ford still controls the name, but it does not own the trademark in the United States

We are not sure how many Americans will recall the name ‘Puma’, but Ford will resurrect the name after the 1997 Puma that ended production at the company’s plant in Cologne, Germany in 2002. However, unlike the 3-door 2+2 hatchback coupe, the new model will be a far cry dressed in a mountain-dwelling iteration. While the Baby Bronco might kindle a tempting relation between the original Bronco, Ford has made it clear that the inspiration will be strictly drawn from the upcoming generation.

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The mini-off-roader as we know will ride on Ford’s new modular platform consisting of a front- and all-wheel-drive that can currently be seen on the new Focus. While the Ford Ranger pickup will share its bones with the Bronco, the baby Bronco will be far less capable.

Leaked Images Confirmed!

Earlier this week, a few photos that were leaked from a recent Ford presentation to its dealers has found its way to the internet. The images that came from a photoset discovered by Off-Road.com showed us the front, the side and the front quarter view of the car.

Up front, the car sports LED running lights and a big FORD badge for a slightly retro touch. We also expect the car to be available with an off-track package calling for chunkier tires and wheels. More than a wagon, the visuals clearly suggests that the Baby Bronco would be more of a four-door crossover. We are not sure about its off-road capabilities yet. Still, the “Authentic Off-Road Capability” slogan displayed on the screens promises more than a gussied-up Ford Edge.

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