White Spider: UAE's Most Extreme Nissan Patrol

    Carprices Team / Posted On - August 23rd 2022

    If you happen to think that the Nissan Patrol is a just a tad mild despite its legendary capability, you might like what the White Spider has to offer.
    The Nissan Patrol is unquestionably one of the most favourite vehicles of the UAE. The SUV refuses to slow down when it comes to sales and popularity. Nissan has always kept the Patrol relevant with timely updates and refreshes while increasing its already formidable capacity to go off the beaten path without breaking a sweat.
    The SUV is so good at what it does, in fact, that I daresay it does not need too many changes to add any more capability. Apparently, Sheikh Hamad bin Hamdan Al Nahyan did not agree. He thought the Patrol could do with a few more upgrades. Thus was born the White Spider, an eight-wheeled monstrosity that looks more like an armoured personnel carrier than a Japanese SUV.
    For those in the dark, Sheikh Hamad, affectionately known as The Rainbow Sheikh (his collection of Mercedes-Benz cars in every imaginable colour earned him the moniker), owns the Patrol. Hailing from the Abu Dhabi Ruling Family, he is an ex-Colonel, a philanthropist, and a frequent consultant for Nissan/Renault in their off-road vehicle development projects. Little wonder then, that he commissioned a project for himself.
    The White Spider is based on a 2010 Nissan Patrol GR Y61. In stock guise, the 2010 SUV made 240hp and 400Nm from a 4.8-litre V8. Though that is enough to lug the stock car around, the engine would definitely feel breathless when saddled with an extra set of wheels. And you can be sure that those wheels aren't coasting.
    The Nissan Patrol now sits on four axles, all of them powered. If that does not sound cool enough, here's the setup's other name: eight-wheel-drive. Although there have been discussions on forums regarding how the modification looks half-baked, there really seems to be no point in dissing the job. Think about it, extending the front end over the axle will end up with the SUV looking worse than before. Extending the rear end will have the same effect, but with the additional pain of increased weight to drag around.
    Even if weight was saved by not adding bodywork, there is no getting around the two extra axles and four wheels, plus their suspension. Although I have not come across exact specifications of the White Spider, we can be sure the SUV now has a lot of more horses to play with.
    A new, substantial bumper now sits over the front axle, replete with fog lamps, recovery points, and winches. And might I say, those four horns add a mischievous, funky touch to the game. The rear gets extended metal fenders over the two protruding wheels. There are now two jerrycans attached to the spare tyre. This Patrol can now go the distance regardless of where you point it on the terrain.
    Finally, I would conclude saying if you see this monster truck bearing up on you from behind, you had better make way. The White Spider may be too ostentatious for some, but hats off to Sheikh Hamad for making the Nissan Patrol so much bolder.
    Images Credit: 360 Car Museum

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