Giugiaro Sibylla: A New Step In Sustainable EV Tech

By Carprices TeamAugust 23rd 2022
Giugiaro Sibylla: A New Step In Sustainable EV Tech

At the 2018 Geneva Motor Show, GFG Style presented a new electric supercar with advanced systems capable of harnessing non-conventional energy like solar and wind power. 

Electric vehicles of all shapes, sizes, and purposes were prominent among the whole lot of automotive goodness on display at the 88th Geneva Motor Show. Among them was a futuristic car designed by an old name in the auto design industry. Italdesign founder Giorgietto Giugiaro together with his son Fabrizio has opened a new design house, called GFG Style. Through the firm, the duo has come up with a four-door electric car which looks gorgeous, to say the least. The unique feature of the concept is the front sliding canopy, which harks back to the Chevy Testudo which was penned by Giorgietto in 1963.

The peculiar name of the car, Sibylla, refers to a mythological maiden who was a prophetess. Although the car that takes up the maiden's name is no prophet, it does have a slew of impressive technology on board that is quite unconventional in its operation. The GFG Sibylla employs cutting-edge tech developed by Chinese renewable energy company Envision which allows it to manage power efficiently and also contribute to the electric grid. While the car is still a concept, the systems Envision has developed for it clearly highlight the company's expertise when it comes to sustainable energy tech.

"The car uses our Internet of Things technology so it is synchronised with the energy ecosystem," said Felix Zhang, Executive Director of Envision. "Our technology aims to run 100% of the car on energy sourced from renewables, such as wind and solar power." The Sibylla is powered by four electric motors which provide a combined output of 536 hp and can propel the car to 100 kph in 4.5 seconds flat. Top whack is rated at close to 200 kph, with one motor powering each wheel, making it an all-wheel-drive saloon. The Sibylla is longer than the current Mercedes-Benz E-Class and has a range of 450 km from its 100 kW-h battery pack.

Zhang also says that many of the systems showcased on the Sibylla are already operating on production cars in China. With this tech, Envision aims to create a synchronised development of the increasingly interlinked industries of transport and renewable energy technology. The company's model of operation is also unique as it is creating technology with open platform development to garner input from external sources like companies that play in the same field. "We don't have to own the assets in this plan like Tesla," said Zhang. "It's about connecting and synchronising and innovations."

Envision's technology is proudly on display throughout the cabin. There is a giant screen as wide as the dashboard, with another smaller screen on the center console for ancillary controls. There is an additional screen between the rear passenger seats, as well as two infotainment screens placed on the back of the front seat headrests. The GFG Sibylla heralds a new future for the automotive industry when it comes to alternative energy. Imagine a car that gathers its electricity from the ambient surroundings, and contributes to the electrical grid at the end of the day, and you are closer to realising what the Sibylla is all about. But you will have just barely scratched the surface, for the technology it brings to the table promises a whole lot more in terms of what can be achieved.