Video: The New Audi E-Tron Commercial Is All Kinds Of Awesome

By Carprices TeamAugust 23rd 2022
Video: The New Audi E-Tron Commercial Is All Kinds Of Awesome
Audi recently debuted the brand new e-Tron SUV that runs purely on electric power. The new commercial the company came out with for the SUV is a brilliant marketing campaign that more manufacturers could take a lesson from.
The commercial begins with a statement: Many of the all-time masters did not invent their craft. They simply raised it to a new level. For sure, think of rock and roll music, and Elvis Presley comes to mind. Muhammad Ali did not invent boxing, but is there a bigger name in the sport than him today?
Similarly, Audi did not invent the electric car. In fact, the first electric car was built way back in the 1830s with Scottish inventor Robert Anderson developing a crude prototype electric carriage that ran on non-rechargeable primary cells. Today, Tesla is known for its range of all-electric cars which it has been selling since quite a few years. While Audi is entering the EV game a little late, the e-Tron is by no means a rudimentary car, as first generation cars tend to be.
How did the German carmaker manage to build a world-class electric car despite not having been the first one to do so? The answer lies in Audi's meticulous approach to its development process. Through relentless testing and challenging the existing status quo when it comes to electric cars, the company injected the quintessential Audi DNA into the e-Tron. As a result, the all-electric SUV can be seen ripping quietly through varied terrain in the commercial. Mud, snow, and mountains are all taken on with confidence backed by the e-Tron's Quattro all-wheel-drive system. And being an EV, the Audi e-Tron is, of course, real fast. This is truly white-knuckle performance at its best.
And it's not as if performance is the only thing the SUV is good at. With fast-charging capabilities, a host of connectivity options thanks to IOT (Internet Of Things), and a plethora of modern driver assistance and safety systems, the e-Tron is a well-rounded package that is a feasible alternative to conventional cars. Audi is offering you a new way to drive, backed by its strong nationwide dealer network. The Audi e-Tron is electric unleashed. In the company's own words, "Electric Has Gone Audi."
The future is here, because major manufacturers are sitting up and pouring in billions to come up with new and varied products that are sustainable and futuristic. Audi is no different, seamlessly marrying the future of the car with its own past history of radical, mould-breaking automobiles, creating a pioneering product in the process. Again, as the company likes to say, Electric Has Earned Its Rings."
Here's the commercial for your viewing pleasure.