Uber to Uber-Out Its Diesel Engines By 2019

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Greener news comes from Uber as they plan to stop using diesel cars in London altogether by the end of 2019.

This is a bold step towards an emission free world as Uber is one company that has thousands of cars running the streets of UK and most of them are diesel powered for efficiency. Uber also said that by 2019 the majority of the cars that revolve the country under Uber will either be hybrids or fully electric cars.

Uber has a low-cost Uber-X service that is available in the app to book for the customers in which almost 50 percent of the cars that run the UK are all greener vehicles.

There are many car manufacturers that have promised to go green with different plans, structures, and strategies for its electric powered engine development. Volvo is one of the biggest car manufacturers in that regard to set a date for the execution of removing all stand-alone gasoline powered engines from their lineup.

This will make it the only manufacturer to have only hybrid options or full electric options shortly if their plan is properly executed. Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Lincoln and Jaguar Land Rover have followed a similar path and are coming to a greener world.

By 2040, Britain will ban the sale of petrol and diesel cars entirely which is similar to what France is doing to their country. There are about 40,000 Uber drivers in London who will only offer electric or hybrid models on their UberX in another decade and by 2022, they are hoping to improve and progress hybrid technology implementation nationwide.

Uber was not short of criticism and controversies lately that were so bad that the CEO had to quit for various reasons including sexism. Despite these backdrops, Uber hopes to take a bold step to make the world a better and greener place.

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