UAE Drag Race: Electric Car Vs Petrol Car

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Drag racing falls into a totally different category when it comes to motorsports. The vehicles are prepared accordingly to cover up the displacement (on a drag strip) as quickly as possible. Acceleration here plays a crucial role in winning. You must have seen many drag races, however, EVRT (Electric Vehicle Road Trip) is organising one which you might haven’t seen yet.

There is going to be a drag race between an electric car and a conventional petrol powered car. The race will take place on a race track in Ras Al Khaimah. The famous drag racer Doug Herbert would be driving the petrol car against the EVRT team. As of now, it hasn’t been told as to which two cars will be involved in this affair. But we will be on its tail to get you the latest updates, so keep checking this space for that.

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This drag race came about during the 2018 Global Electric Vehicle Road Trip that’s currently in process. The 1,217 km long road trip had commenced on 18 Jan from Abu Dhabi. According to the plan, the trip includes various scenic routes and more sightings throughout. It is scheduled to end on 26 Jan in Dubai.