2024 Toyota Century SUV Breaks Cover: The Luxury SUV Produces 400+ Horses!

CarPrices.ae Team / Posted On - September 6th 2023

The 2024 Toyota Century SUV redefines the luxurious chauffeur-driven cars.

Toyota Motor Corporation has once again redefined the opulent chauffeur-driven vehicles with the debut of their latest masterpiece - the all-new 2024 Toyota Century SUV. The new Century preserves the timeless design, opulence, and functionality that have been the hallmark of the luxury SUV for well over five decades. 

Under the "Chauffeur" concept, the redesigned Century caters to evolving passenger preferences for a multifunctional space while travelling. It keeps the original Century's essence while bringing in a new era of luxury travel. The SUV was officially revealed at the heart of Toyota City, Japan on the 6th of September, 2023, the new Toyota Century is here to transform the realm of elite chauffeur-driven vehicles.

Century Luxury SUV: A Legacy of Omotenashi

The Century first made its debut in 1967, marking Toyota's entry into the luxurious chauffeur-driven automobile sector. Prior to its debut, the market was overwhelmingly monopolized by Western luxury carmakers. However, Toyota decided to build a Japanese luxury vehicle that could rival its foreign competitors. The outcome was the Century, a car made in a fusion of traditional Japanese aesthetics and a human-centric approach, aimed at achieving unparalleled comfort and tranquillity.

For more than half a century, the Century has remained the preferred choice of Japan's elite, embodying the philosophy of Omotenashi - which translates to an unwavering commitment to provide exquisite hospitality to its occupants. It is a legacy that has been woven with dignified design, serenity, and comfort and has been passed down through generations.

Technical Specs of the Toyota Century

The all-new Century SUV comes equipped with a newly developed 3.5-litre V6 plug-in hybrid system that produces 406 horsepower and harmoniously melds tradition with innovation. It upholds the Century's hallmark serenity while delivering remarkable efficiency and thrilling performance.

This plug-in hybrid system is engineered to excel both as a battery electric vehicle (BEV) for everyday use and as a hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) for extended journeys.

The SUV also gets advanced technologies, such as the four-wheel steering system "Dynamic Rear Steering" and the recently conceived "luggage compartment separate structure," the Century offers a driving experience befitting a chauffeur-driven automobile.

Interior details of the Toyota Century Luxury SUV

Inside the cabin, a human-centred approach is used to deliver comfort and ease of use through advanced tech and luxurious seats. It features a large infotainment screen and passenger displays, that we don't currently have any, info about. The rear passenger experience has been crafted to deliver comfort and functionality with excellence. 

It also has fully reclining rear seats, a top-tier acoustic system, and considerate features such as expansive rear doors and automatic retractable power steps to ensure that every facet of the journey is a source of delight.

Exterior details of the 2024 Toyota Century SUV

The all-new Century exudes luxury from its commanding looks. It perfectly embodies the concept of "elegant grandeur" by blending Japanese aesthetics into its design. Its majestic and dignified exterior, featuring both horizontal and vertical elements, radiates the true essence of Japanese luxury. 

The luxury features a massive front grille and has distinctive headlights complemented by matching taillights. The phoenix emblem can be found on the grille and tailgate outside while on the steering and infotainment screen on the inside.

One of the most captivating aspects of the all-new Century is its complete customizability. Toyota aims to bestow "freedom in motion - the ultimate freedom of movement" upon a global customer base by meticulously crafting each vehicle to cater to the specific desires and requirements of individual buyers. This commitment to personalization establishes a new benchmark in the luxury automobile sphere.

In addition to three body colours with a mirror-like finish achieved by the skills of our master craftspeople, four exclusive body colours are available for the KIWAMI LINE, an option that offers a distinctive look to customers seeking a more unique chauffeur-driven car to meet a variety of needs.

Apart from three standard body colours with a flawless shine crafted by Toyota's skilled artisans, there are four exclusive body colours offered in the KIWAMI LINE. This option caters to customers looking for a distinctively styled chauffeur-driven car that suits various preferences and requirements.

Availability and Launch of the new Toyota Century SUV

There aren't any details on the SUV's global launch, but the Century SUV have started bookings in Japan at JPY 25,000,000* which is around AED 933,500*, Toyota will launch the SUV in Japan, later in 2023, while the five-seat Century sedan will still be available in Japan.

With models like the Crown and the Century, Toyota is now tapping into the luxury segment like its luxurious car brand Lexus.

Stay tuned for more updates because more details of the SUV will be revealed soon!

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