This Jaguar E-Type Is A Modern Car Underneath!

By Carprices TeamAugust 23rd 2022
This Jaguar E-Type Is A Modern Car Underneath!
Another star of the restomodding scene, the Series 3 Jaguar E-Type was modified to look period correct outside, whilst being thoroughly modern inside.
If you know your classic cars, you might have come across the term 'Restomodding'. What initially started as just a loving exercise by owners of classic cars who wanted their old girl to see the modern age has grown into a worldwide movement. Its influence is such that manufacturers have their own interpretation of modern cars that look like their counterparts from half a century ago.
Some custom houses like Singer (Porsche specialist) deal exclusively in restomodding. One such firm is E-Type UK which hails from, you guessed it, U.K. The firm has taken up a monumental task upon itself: restore and modernize the most beautiful car in the world. The 1974 E-Type Series 3 is an often overlooked model due to people preferring older examples of the Jaguar. Well, the British restomodding specialsists have turned the tables around suddenly making their Jag the more desirable one.
The stock 5.3-liter V12 of the E-Type is bored out to displace 6.1 liters and makes 288hp at the rear wheels. The power gains come courtesy of a custom fuel injection system with Jenvy throttle bodies, Emerald ECU, and a custom wiring loom. The fuel injection was developed especially for this particular 6.1-liter V12, and so were the gear ratios of the five-speed manual transmission. The custom house believes it now has the highest output E-Type Series 3 in the world.
E-Type UK also uprated the car's cycle parts to better handle the extra power. The inner sills are strengthened, and there is a new sports steering rack to provide better feel and feedback while on a spirited drive. Adjustable suspension with torsion bars keeps the car stuck to the road at all times, and brakes have been swapped with AP Racing units.
Additionally the firm also replaced the stock E-Type's rubber extensions with stainless steel bumpers both front and back. The louvres on the hood are extended, and there is an extra airflow channel under there. The wheels are 16-inch Turino spoked ones, with just the right amount of bling to match the car's undeniable style.
Lighting is all-new and all-LED, right from headlamps to footwells, with the 'Start' button lit in a red glow. Heated seats inside are based on those of the XJS, and all the leather used in the interiors is custom. The mirrors are electronic, and the music system boasts of surround sound with Bluetooth and iPod connectivity.
So much for the 'Classic' part of the E-Type. This car looks like a fifty-year-old design, hiding its modern amenities and technology pretty well under its svelte Brit body. If only more manufacturers jumped on the restomodding train, the world would  see a lot more of beautiful cars rather than today's bland, neutral designs.
All Images Credit: E-Type UK