The Volvo 360c Promises To Be The Future Of Luxury Autonomous Travel

By Carprices TeamAugust 23rd 2022
The Volvo 360c Promises To Be The Future Of Luxury Autonomous Travel
Volvo unveiled a radical concept that could very well make for a viable alternative to air travel. The 360c concept is an autonomous electric luxury vehicle that has the potential to serve multiple roles through its flexible architecture.
At the unveiling of the concept 360c, Volvo asked a simple question: Why fly when you can be driven? Sure enough, the Volvo 360c presents a strong case for itself through its sheer simplicity. Consider air travel and its associated problems. Checking in, waiting in lines for clearance, having to get luggage inspected, being at the mercy of the airline company for punctuality: many factors weigh against air travel. Additionally, having to contend with cramped aircraft interiors and intermittent buffeting due to turbulence are even more reasons not to prefer air travel.
The Volvo 360c is, first of all, autonomous. This means it can pick you up right at your front door and drop you precisely where you want it. So the first hurdles of air travel are automatically bypassed. no checking in, luggage inspection, or having to keep passports and visas handy. Next, what makes it better than an aircraft in terms of interiors is its autonomy and drivetrain. With the 360c being fully autonomous, there is no need for a driver, automatically eliminating the need for a front row of seats. The space taken up by a conventional car's engine and transmission is also freed up by the electric motor of the 360c. The total space unlocked makes for a roomy interior. It is up to you to choose the way you want to spec it.
Want to just relax, kick back and enjoy a movie or two en route your destination? Or perhaps you want to catch up on lost sleep? Maybe you need to work away and not waste precious time spent on the road inside the Volvo. The interior of the 360c can be specified into a sleep module, a small living area, or even a mobile workstation if you so choose. And since Volvo has come up with the concept, there is no doubt the interiors would be opulent, well-appointed, and ergonomic.
If you don't mind spending the extra time it takes to travel over land than by air and would prefer to skip the hassles of airport security and lengthy check-in processes, the Volvo 360c is just the car for you. The only thing standing in Volvo turning this concept into a production car is autonomy, which is still taking baby steps towards achieving operational status. But since Volvo and safety are practically synonyms, all eyes are on the Swedish manufacturer to make true on its promise of a feasible option to air travel. If the world does shift to autonomous ferries over aircraft, Volvo is definitely getting the headstart in the business.