The Extremely Aggressive Look Mini Cooper GP Concept

By Carprices TeamAugust 23rd 2022
The Extremely Aggressive Look Mini Cooper GP Concept
Mini launched two GP branded cars, one in 2006 and the other one in 2012. They were special and offered performance that was not available on the Mini models that did not have the GP name on it.
For 2017, Mini is bringing a radical new concept car for the Frankfurt auto show and brands it GP, which is the Mini John Cooper Works GP Concept. It is a stunning look piece of work that takes the flares of fender flaunting to an entirely new arena. There are a lot of design cues that are already present on the Mini Cooper car but the concept version takes the design to an extreme level.
Like the previous models, the car comes with a metallic gray paint and red accents. There is a bigger rear wing that wraps around the rear glass and the body work, in general, is more flamboyant than any other Mini GP cars in the past. You will also be able to see bolt-on fender flaps on the front and the rear fenders which might help in the aerodynamics of the car and also could be dynamic. There is a deep spoiler and huge air intake vents on the front bumper and the rear bumper gets a large diffuser.
There are a set of rain lights that you typically find on a Formula 1 car. The wheel spokes have large GP design work on them while the alloys are painted black. Overall the car looks very aggressive, aerodynamic and extreme in every single way in the design element. The car is hardcore in every way but it is unlikely that it is going to be as extreme as the concept car looks. It might swap the lack of interiors for better interior materials and comfortable dashboard design to make it city-friendly. We hope that this car makes better power outputs and by the look of the extremism in the design, it should be more powerful, aerodynamic and fun to drive.