The Best Pilgrimage for Any Porsche Car Lover: Germany

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If you love cars, then there is absolutely no second thought on the fact that you have to visit Germany at least once. This is where some amazing cars like Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and others make their best. You get to go the fastest you have ever been in the Autobahn and besides that, almost every car manufacturer has a museum there that is worth a visit. One among the museums is the Porsche Museum in Zuffenhausen which is just outside Stuttgart. This facility features the greatest hits in the history of Porsche housed in them from their racing heritage in the past.

The museum is only half the story. There is a short trip to a top-secret vault called the museum vault. This is where you will find the future of Porsche where they have all their concept cars, researching in car designs, prototype car models, promotional content and other race cars that usually travel the world for marketing and PR reasons.

Every New York Auto Show press event showcases two cars from the Porsche Museum Vault and it is quite the looker every time. The vault also has a facility which refurbishes the race cars to make it worthy to stand in the show and look grand.

In the vault, one of the highlights you will be able to find is the Porsche Cayenne Convertible design study, which is probably going to be named 996, a world-first rear-engine and all-wheel-drive 944, the insane Panamericana concept, Kermit green Carrera 3.0 Targa and many others captivate the hearts of Porsche lovers.

Everything you see is a visual delight and stuns the viewer with awe. So, if you ever want to see these exotic cars in an iconic facility where you can behold everything at once, you will have to travel to Germany.

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