The 1st Child Seat With Airbags Is An Innovative Safety Feature

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Road safety has always been a priority for every car manufacturer and the concerned Govt. authorities. While the safety standards and features of today’s cars have improved tenfold over the last ten years, development in the department of the safety of children isn’t that satisfying.

Even after having various technologies onboard, small children, who are accommodated in special child seats, can face injuries. So, to solve this problem RoadSafetyUAE collaborated with Mamas & Papas to develop and launch the first child car seat with airbags.

Apart from launching the innovative child seat, the event also raised awareness on the importance of child safety. According to a statistical data of Abu Dhabi, about 64 percent of fatal injuries of kids are the result of road traffic incidents.

The new child car seat is manufactured by Maxi-Cosi. There are two airbags located in the two shoulder pads of the harness. In case of a crash, these airbags inflate within 0.05 seconds and automatically deflate just one second after the collision. The airbags reduce the forces on a child’s neck up to 55 percent compared to a standard forward-facing child car seat.

Speaking about the ground-breaking innovation, Thomas Edelmann, Managing Director, RoadSafetyUAE, said, “In a research project we conducted in February 2017 we found out that 34 percent of UAE parents do not have proper child seats or booster cushions. The numbers are even more alarming in the segment of young parents (18-29 years), with 42 percent and in the segment of Emiratis with 47 percent not having the needed devices!”

He further added, “There’s hope that parents would have started using child car seats and booster cushions more since the seat belt law was introduced on July 1, 2017. We will soon repeat the 2017 research project to find out if this actually has happened! This partnership will result in a series of initiatives aimed at raising the awareness for child car seat safety and improving the penetration and the actual use of child car seats.”

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