Test Mule Of New Mercedes-Benz A-Class Sedan Spotted

By Carprices TeamDecember 12th 2022
Test Mule Of New Mercedes-Benz A-Class Sedan Spotted
The new Mercedes-Benz A-Class hatchback is expected to be launched sometime during Feb 2018. Chances are we could be seeing another launch from the German automaker following the launch of the new A-Class hatchback. The new car in question here is the A-Class sedan, whose test mule has been spotted in Germany.
There are two spy shots of the test mule. Although the test mule was heavily disguised, still we can figure out a few new elements from the pictures. In the first one we can see that the new A-Class sedan would be getting a new pair of headlights, not a big change but slightly modified design, we reckon. The other thing is the new set of wheels. They're multi-spoke ones and look much sleeker than before.
The other picture reveals the test mule from a different angle. We can say that the tail lamps are new LED units. Also, the overall design or silhouette of the car appears to be disproportionate, or perhaps it's just the angle from which the picture was taken. It seems that the rear half portion of the car is a bit too compact when compared to the front half. We'll get to know more when more pictures would surface, hopefully revealing more.
Mercedes-Benz has earlier release a few images of the interiors of its new A-Class hatchback. It's been anticipated that the new A-Class sedan would be getting the exact same interiors. There could be a set of different colour combinations, but mostly everything will be borrowed as it is. We think that's a good thing because the interiors of the new A-Class hatchback are outstanding. Mercedes-Benz has incorporated a few elements from its S-Class too. Fine touches and designs, like the new turbine-inspired air-con vents, are all German-like. Then there's the twin digital screen layout, one for the instrument cluster (7-inches) and one for the infotainment system (10.25-inches).
We hope to see the new A-Class sedan soon once the A-Class hatchback is launched in Feb next year.