Suzuki Recalls Jimny Citing Faulty Front-Differentials

By Carprices TeamDecember 8th 2022
Suzuki Recalls Jimny Citing Faulty Front-Differentials
Just as we thought Suzuki was having a great year with the Jimny that won the world with its ashamedly simple, cheeky good looks and charm, the Japanese government decided to order the company to recall a few of its models.
Reports suggest that the recall in question was issued citing an incorrect fitting of the front differential, which in turn may cause the front as well as the rear wheels to spin a drastically different speed, stressing the drivetrain. In the worst case, the car itself may stop driving entirely.
About 20 models of the Jimny that exited the production lines between 12th and 18th of November have been subjected to the recall. Jimmy currently is one of the most crown monikers standing in the Suzuki's line-up while returning significant sales numbers that increased from 85 in November 2017 to 174 in 2018, an astonishing 104 per cent hike indeed.
The Jimny became people's favourite with its ladder-frame chassis, solid axles, and low range transfer case. While it might not be the most pleasing iteration in the inside, Suzuki has managed to hit all the right notes mechanically.
Earlier reports have suggested that the company has also planned to expand the current generation of the Jimny with a pair of concepts that will be unveiled at the 2019 Tokyo Auto Salon, one out which we already know is a pick-up truck dubbing the Sierra Pickup Style.
Suzuki said the vehicle targets urban customers who need a compact 4×4 with some load-lugging potential, such as do-it-yourself builders or outdoor enthusiasts. Special touches include the retro front grille that mimics the design used on earlier generations of the Jimny, as well as body panels with a wood-like effect.