Soon To Launch G90 BMW M5 Teased! Detailed Preview And Analysis. Team / Posted On - May 15th 2024

The BMW M5, known as the 'supercar killer', has thrilled enthusiasts for 40 years. The upcoming 7th-gen G90 M5 promises fresher looks, advanced technology, hybrid powertrain, and the return of the M5 Touring.

The BMW M5 AKA ‘the supercar killer’ has always topped the charts of dream cars amongst enthusiasts. We never even thought that a humble luxury sedan could store a strong venom of performance to its core, which not only wipes off its 4-door rivals like the Audi RS 6 and the Mercedes AMG E 63 S but can smoke some reputed supercars like it is nobody’s business. As the M5 can achieve staggering speeds on straight lines it can also counter corners like a proper sports car because of its race-bred suspension setup.

40 Years of Excellence

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After being relevant in the game, and industry by making enthusiasts grin for almost 4 decades and 6 generations, BMW is all set to unwrap the 7th generation G90 M5 soon, which will be a completely new silhouette with fresher looks similar to the new BMW 5 series covered with the lots of M essence from exterior to interior, and will get more advanced underpinnings, like advanced front and rear differentials, new dampers, etc. all this to make it even more engaging to drive and delightful to look at.

Peek Into The Redefined Design Language

art - 2024-05-15T155125.248.png

Furthermore on the design part, in the recent pre-launch trailer of the 7th generation M5, BMW teased the design sketch of its front facia, which clearly shows its new face with aggressive body lines, M-Sport carbon fibre rearview mirrors, a new wider front bumper with air vents to cool down the front tires and brakes, and splitting the front bumper is a large air dam to extract heat from the recalibrated V8 engine.

Hybrid Powertrain

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The new M5 will be a menace not only to the eyeballs but also when you floor it. After all, it will share its powertrain with BMW’s flagship, the XM, which means the new M5 will be one of the first M5 generations to get a plug-in-hybrid powertrain, where the demonic 4.4-litre twin-turbo V8 petrol is mated with an electric motor, which will also more likely to outrun the XM’s performance because BMW will heavily retune the powertrain for the new M5 capable to push an astonishing 700+hp and about 1,000Nm of torque, which will be sent to all four wheels via an 8-speed automatic transmission with BMW's Xdrive all-wheel drive system.

The Return Of The M5 Touring

art - 2024-05-15T155658.648.png

Not only the new G90 generation of the M5 will be the most advanced and more powerful than ever, but will also mark the comeback of the M5 Touring, which vanished after the E60 or the 4th generation V10-powered M5. However, BMW listened to its enthusiast customer base and embarked on the rebirth of the new M5 touring, which not only will make the overall experience more practical but also give the M5 a distinctive look and will also set it apart from its 3-box sedan variant.

All in all the M5 for over 40 years has never disappointed its customers by being one of the perfect all-rounder cars which can be a chauffeur on weekdays and a track weapon on the weekends. The soon to come M5 in its 7th iteration will spark the high-performance sedan market again but with a hybrid powertrain shared with the XM SUV, with an estimated output of over 700hp, where the M5 Competition will be even more powerful. And speaking of the teased design sketch, it looks lip-smackingly good from the front but unfortunately, to know what is inside the cabin of the G90 M5, we need to wait until BMW takes off the covers completely.

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