Production-Ready Prototype of New BMW X7 Spotted

By Carprices TeamDecember 27th 2022
Production-Ready Prototype of New BMW X7 Spotted
In Dec 2017 BMW released a few images of the pre-production model of the new X7. Now, a few pictures of an almost production-ready prototype of the same have come up.
The test mule was not heavily camouflaged. The images reveal a few new elements that BMW has incorporated. The front kidney-grille, which has become BMW's signature, has grown in size. The design of the headlights appear to be on the sharper side, and the addition of the DRLs adds to that character.
The side view of the new BMW X7 is also clearly visible in the new images. Being a flagship model, the new X7 is a large vehicle, however, the wheels seem to be a bit undersized for this gigantic vehicle. Or perhaps, it is just the view that we've got from the image.
The rear end of the SUV also gets new features. The new LED tail lamp unit is sharper, just like the headlights, and complements the aggressive front-look of the car. We also see a couple chrome surrounds at the rear bumper for the exhaust pipes emerging out.
The new BMW X7 is based on BMW's CLAR Modular platform which is also the base for the 7-series. It is quite likely that BMW would borrow a few interior elements from its 7-series sedan and use it in the new X7. We will have to wait for that to confirm. On the engine front, we are expecting BMW to use the inline six-cylinder engine and a higher variant V8 for the top-end models.
As of now, BMW has not released any information about the new X7. We are anticipating that BMW will reveal the new SUV sometime during the end of 2018, perhaps at the LA Auto Show.