Porsche Revives The 935 'Moby Dick' On Its 70 Year Anniversary

By Carprices TeamAugust 23rd 2022
Porsche Revives The 935 'Moby Dick' On Its 70 Year Anniversary
As a part of its 70th-anniversary celebration, Porsche has revived the quintessence of one of its iconic models from back in the day.
The iconic 935/78 aka 'Moby Dick' as named by the fans, has once again entered the company's lineup with the same name tag and based on the 911 GT2 RS. Only 77 units of the limited edition model will exit the production ramp and is priced at $815,265.
“This spectacular car is a birthday present from Porsche Motorsport to fans all over the world,” says Dr Frank-Steffen Walliser, Vice President Motorsport and GT Cars. “Because the car isn't homologated, engineers and designers didn't have to follow the usual rules and thus had freedom in the development.”
Taking inspirations from several of its iconic cars through the years, Porsche has made the new 935 with capped rims echoing those of the 935/78 Le Mans racer along with the LED rear lights on the rear wing endplates adopted from the 919 Hybrid LMP1 race car.
The Italian auto premiere has managed to design the interiors with a tint of the same with elements such as the knob on the gearshift lever which has a laminated wood design similar to that of race cars 917, the 909 Bergspyder and the Carrera GT super sports car. The carbon steering wheel and the colour display behind it have been taken from the 911 GT3 R from the 2019 model year.
Mechanically, the car is nothing less than a charmer either. The new car uses the same 692bhp 3.8-litre water cooled six cylinder engine from the GT2 RS that is mated to a seven-speed PDK dual clutch transmission.
Similar to the GT2 RS, all of the new limited edition cars will get the Porsche Stability Management (PSM) as standard. This allows the driver to explore different driving modes, alter the sensitivity of the traction control and ABS.