Pirelli Launches The P Zero E: The Eco-Friendly and High-Performance Sporting Tyre For EVs

CarPrices.ae Team / Posted On - July 24th 2023

Pirelli's RunFroward technology enables speeds of up to 80kmph for up to 40 kilometres with 0 pressure, in case of a puncture.

Pirelli has introduced the P Zero E, an innovative new tyre incorporating the latest advancements in sustainable and electrified mobility. Setting a new standard in eco-conscious performance, this is the first Ultra High-Performance (UHP) tyre to feature over 55 percent natural and recycled materials, as certified by Bureau Veritas. Boasting a triple-A rating on the European tyre label across all sizes, the P Zero E is specifically designed for Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs) with reduced noise and optimal rolling resistance. Pirelli's revolutionary RunForward technology ensures journeys can continue even with a puncture, while artificial intelligence and driving simulations drive the tyre's development.

Pirelli P Zero is made with Sustainable Materials

Pirelli's relentless research and supplier selection have led to a breakthrough in tyre sustainability. The P Zero E range is the first to utilize more than 55 percent natural and recycled materials, as confirmed by Bureau Veritas, resulting in a remarkable 24 percent reduction in CO2 emissions compared to previous Pirelli models. This commitment to eco-friendly materials is evident in the sidewall logo, which will become a hallmark for future products featuring similar sustainable compositions.

Provides Consistent Top Performance with Triple-A Rating

The P Zero E stands as the only UHP tyre on the market to receive a coveted triple-A rating on the European tyre label for all available sizes. The Rolling Reduction Compounds used in its construction enable increased battery-powered vehicle range and extend the tyre's lifespan by reducing wear. Furthermore, Pirelli's advanced virtualization techniques and motorsport-derived simulations have crafted a stiff yet dynamic tread pattern, delivering optimal car control and wet-braking capabilities. Notably, the tread's new patented grooves with rounded corners contribute to reduced tyre noise.

Pirelli Elect tech especially for Electric Vehicles

Distinctive Elect markings on the sidewall indicate Pirelli's dedicated technologies to optimize performance for electrified cars. These vehicles, characterized by instant high torque and greater weight, benefit from Pirelli Elect technology's enhanced performance and durability, without compromising the tyre's capabilities. Additionally, noise reduction both inside and outside the passenger compartment and preserving battery range are essential considerations when selecting tyres for electric vehicles.

Innovative RunForward Technology

Pirelli's pioneering RunForward technology makes its debut in the P Zero E, ensuring drivers can maintain control and continue their journey in case of a puncture. Reinforcing panels on the inner and outer sidewalls provide structural support, enabling speeds of up to 80kmph for up to 40 kilometres with zero pressure. Thanks to vehicle dynamics simulations, these reinforcements are optimally positioned and shaped to offer resistance with a flat tyre, while retaining an A rating for rolling resistance. RunForward-equipped tyres provide comparable driving and acoustic comfort to traditional tyres, meeting the requirements of quiet tyres for electric vehicles, especially as they often lack a spare wheel due to battery presence.

Pirelli P Zero Tyre: Availability and Future Development

The new Pirelli P Zero E tyre will join the product range from September 2023, initially offering 17 sizes for the aftermarket. Moreover, Pirelli's ongoing development aims to create tailored versions of the P Zero E for premium and prestige car models in the coming months. With the P Zero E, Pirelli is poised to lead the industry towards a more sustainable and electrified future without compromising on top-tier performance and driving experiences.

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