Pininfarina Battista Teased Ahead Of Geneva Motor Show Unveil

By Carprices TeamAugust 23rd 2022
Pininfarina Battista Teased Ahead Of Geneva Motor Show Unveil
Everyone knows the Pininfarina Battista is coming. Everyone also knows how it is supposed to look. But not everyone knows how different three iterations of the same car will look. Pininfarina is bringing three derivatives of its Battista all-electric supercar to Geneva International Motor Show 2019.
What started life as the Pininfarina Zero or PF0 now has a name. Christened after the Italian design house's founder, Pininfarina Battista intends to take the performance electric car market by storm. Pininfarina is now run by Battista's grandson Paolo, who said it was a "dream come true" to launch such a car as a tribute.
Pininfarina claims the Battista will put down "twice the output of a Formula One car". Tentative speculations peg the hyper EV's power at 1,900hp. This stratospheric ballpark is occupied presently by few cars, nearly all of them concepts. The most popular name in this company is the Rimac Concept Two which also claims a 1,900-hp output.
So what about the three cars coming to Geneva? Each is a Pininfarina Battista, finished in unique livery highlighting a unique aspect of the car. Mahindra, parent company of Pininfarina, will unveil a Battista-inspired Formula E livery for its successful racing team.
The first car is named Grigio Luserna Battista. It features a satin grey body with a mix of anodized aluminium and satin Blu Iconica details. Two-tone black and tan upholstery is the interior's highlight, resulting in a "well-defined and dynamic expression of Battista that still remains elegant."
The second car is finished in Blu Iconica, the closest shade to Pininfarina Blue, a colour with which the brand identifies. Small modifications to the wing mirrors and hood offset the blue nicely, imparting the car a dramatic appearance. It's said to represent the electrifying nature of the vehicle.
The third and final car shows off a white pearlescent exterior called Bianco Sestrierre. The car primarily showcases the automaker's customization service for Battista clients. It shows off a dynamic contrast in the form of red trim between the rocker and doors as well near the wheels. Red brake calipers also contribute to the ethos.
Pininfarina is entering a new world of automobile design and production, spearheaded by the new Battista. From the looks of it and recalling the firm's celebrated history, we can safely say that the Italian design studio has the makings of one of the world's earliest electric hypercar manufacturers.