Peugeot Reveals Its Electric Autonomous e-LEGEND Concept Ahead Of Paris Motor Show

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Ahead of the Paris motor show to be held next month, Peugeot has revealed an all-electric, autonomous, modern evocation of its iconic 504 Coupe.

Calling it the e-LEGEND, Peugeot has tried to achieve the right proportion of retrospective design along with modern and futuristic features.

From the looks of the concept, it could be said that the French automaker has hit the right spots to make it a less aggressive and more showroom friendly model. This is evident from its properly sized windows, lack of unrealistic overhangs and a set of production-friendly 19-inch wheels.

The 504 Coupe-based concept sports a double lighting module in the front, similar to that of the original car’s four-piece headlights. Other futuristic touches on the car include side cameras over side mirrors and small displays placed at the base of each C-pillar used to display a welcome message upon unlocking the car and charge status.

Peugeot has tried to incorporate a touch of ‘classic’ along with a few futuristic elements such as the mix of rich silk velvet on the seats and 60s style wood all around the cabin along with the new infotainment display in the front footwell.

The car sports an unusually high number of digital screens inside the cockpit including the instrument display behind the steering wheel, a pair of 29-inch screens acting as door cards and an additional pair of 12-inch displays that are hidden in each sun visor, all either controlled through voice activation or with the help of a six-inch touchscreen present in between the two front seats.

The e-LEGEND utilises a bespoke electric architecture with an all-wheel-drive powertrain fed by a 100kWh battery pack. The output of the car is rated at 456bhp of power with 800Nm of torque that yields a claimed 0 to 100 kmph in less than four seconds and a top speed of 220kph.

The e-LEGEND, according to the company, will deliver a massive range of close to 600km on a full charge with a charging capacity of 80 per cent within 25 minutes.

It sports Peugeots’ all-new autonomous driving technology with two modes, SOFT and SHARP. The SOFT mode favours the comfort of the occupants where a projection on the numerous screens and information display reduces to a minimum while the SHARP mode enables an accurate and dynamic vehicle typing with the maximum connection to digital activities possible.