NWTN Showcases The New Rabdan MUSE At Pebble Beach Concours D’Elegance

CarPrices.ae Team / Posted On - August 21st 2023

MUSE is NWTN's first Smart Passenger Vehicle that focuses on passenger comfort and convenience. The vehicle ditches the idea of hierarchy between the driver and passengers.

NWTN has showcased the all-new Rabdan MUSE at the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance in California. MUSE is a model from Rabdan which is NWTN's high-end electric mobility brand. Rabdan makes advanced electric vehicles with intelligent comfort, seamless power, and luxurious sophistication. The brand has a manufacturing facility in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), where all the cars are produced.

MUSE showcases avant-garde design on a modular electric platform with digital connectivity and autonomous driving tech. Its cabin offers a superior experience, and the AI-NAS ecosystem offers interconnected services. The 800V fast charging, improved cold climate range, and impressive top speed make it a reliable and versatile vehicle.

What sets the Rabdan MUSE apart?

MUSE is built on a ground-breaking idea called "passenger centricity," which NWTN developed in 2019 with a focus on personalised travel experiences for all passengers. While the automobile industry has mostly concentrated on drivers and their experiences, NWTN recognised the opportunity to develop a new market segment and alter how consumers view the function of vehicles in their lives by fusing "passenger-centric" smart technologies with new energy vehicles.

MUSE is NWTN's first Smart Passenger Vehicle that focuses on passenger comfort and convenience, the vehicle makes passenger centricity a reality through its innovative and personalized intelligence. The MUSE and upcoming SPVs from NWTN are set to offer a blend of modern design with lifestyle customization, seamless connectivity, autonomous driving, and integrated AI technologies that seamlessly merge style and function for the passengers.

MUSE and its meaning

Being the brand's flagship SPV the MUSE showcases a modern and futuristic exterior design, exceptional performance and a long driving range that makes it more practical and versatile. The SPV offers a spacious and comfortable cabin and a unique passenger-centric digital infotainment system. With its passenger-centred, comfortable and intelligent riding experience, the car has a machine-built-in office and entertainment system to fully meet the needs of business and family travel.

The name MUSE is an acronym that stands for Marvellous, Unique, Sensual, and Elegance, and these four qualities encapsulate the design philosophy and innovative features of the vehicle and define its essence:

Marvellous: MUSE is a marvel of modern engineering and SPV technology, offering an exciting, safe, and efficient driving experience with advanced assistance systems and intuitive controls.

Unique: MUSE focuses on passenger-centric features, providing a tailored journey with customized climate control, intelligent seating, and personalized infotainment options.

Sensual: MUSE's design engages the senses with its elegant lines and lush interior, enhanced by smart technology to create an immersive driving experience.

Elegance: Elegance permeates every aspect of MUSE, from its refined aesthetics to its seamless and sophisticated use of smart technology throughout the journey.

Interior details of the Rabdan MUSE

MUSE's interior is designed to provide comfort, relaxation, convenience and comfort to the occupants without any hierarchy between the driver and passengers. The cabin serves as an extension of a customer's own living space, hotel suite, or first-class lounge. 

The interior of the SPV follows an empty space concept with minimalist surfaces surrounding four spacious captain seats that boast class-leading legroom. MUSE features a U-shaped panoramic screen that replaces the traditional instrument panel.It also gets a large verstical touchscreen display at the back.

The SPV's colour and material choices align with its green and advanced values, exclusively using sustainable materials throughout the interior.

NWTN’s Gravity Zero Platform

MUSE is a luxurious smart passenger vehicle built upon the NWTN's Gravity Zero Platform. This platform offers a premium, comfortable, and technologically advanced architecture, including a top-tier automotive chassis and powertrain system.

Gravity Zero Platform includes a new steel-aluminium blend that creates a robust structure for advanced technology, ample space, and a smart cabin. Designed from the inside out, it blends form and function to create an elegant, dynamic, and unique design, harmonizing science and art in automotive technology.

This versatile platform is designed for sedans, SUVs, SPVs, and MPVs in the high-end C to D class, accommodating wheelbases from 2850-3200mm. Its modularity enables up to 85% reuse of underbody components. The Gravity Zero Platform reduces vehicle material costs, shortens development time by up to 50 percent, cuts development expenses by 75 percent, and enhances the quality of all derived vehicles.

NWTN NWTOPIA ecosystem

NWTN also introduced NWTOPIA, an ecosystem centred around MUSE. NWTOPIA envisions a future where green living seamlessly merges with advanced technologies, reshaping cities and our lifestyles. 

NWTOPIA is a ground-breaking idea that uses MUSE and upcoming smart passenger vehicles as catalysts to integrate smart passenger vehicles with a novel approach to sustainable living. NWTOPIA is a paradigm shift in how people view urban living and mobility, not merely a product. Through NWTOPIA, NWTN provides a cutting-edge ecosystem integrating sustainable living, smart technology, and green mobility.

NWTOPIA introduces NWTO tokens, more than just digital keys. They grant access to a world of experiences and services within the ecosystem. Every journey in MUSE earns NWTO tokens, which can unlock services like charging, entertainment, customization, and art within NWTOPIA.

MUSE represents the convergence of intelligence, connectivity, and sustainable transportation and exemplifies NWTN's bold ambition. Inspired by Sir Isaac Newton, NWTN seeks to usher in a new era of enlightenment in which passenger-focused smart technologies will revolutionise shared mobility and experiences.

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