Toyota Land Cruiser Vs Nissan Patrol - Which SUV Should You Buy In 2023? Team / Posted On - June 13th 2023

The Toyota Land Cruiser is offered in 6 trim levels while the Nissan Patrol is offered in 9 variants.

The Toyota Land Cruiser and the Nissan Patrol are one of the most popular and loved full-sized SUVs in the middle east. If you are wondering which one you should add to your garage in 2023, then don't worry we have got it covered for you in our comparison article. Let's start with the Engine first!

Overview: Toyota Land Cruiser Vs Nissan Patrol

The Land Cruiser and the Patrol both have established themselves as two of the best off-roaders available in the UAE. Both are considered to be tough, powerful, reliable, and luxurious SUVs by two of the top Japanese manufacturers in the world. Their striking look and heightened stance grabs a lot of attention on the road.

Engine and Technical details

The Patrol is offered in 3 engine options across 9 variants while the Landcruiser is offered in 2 engine options across 6 trim levels. Both the Cars get four-wheel (4x4) drive for better off-road capability.

Under the hood of Toyota Land Cruiser

The Toyota Land Cruiser puts a choice of two very capable engines on the table for the customer to choose from, a 4.0-litre V6 that makes 271 horsepower and 385 NM of torque paired with a 6-speed automatic gearbox and a 3.5-litre twin-turbocharged V6 that generates 409 horsepower and 650 NM of torque mated to a 10-speed automatic gearbox. 

The Toyota Land Cruiser has 110 litres of fuel tank capacity, with the 4.0-litre V6 variant delivering a fuel efficiency of 9.4 kmpl while the 4.0-litre V6 variant delivers 9.3 kmpl mileage.

Under the hood of Nissan Patrol

The Nissan Patrol offers a choice of three powerful engines, a 4.0-litre V6 that produces 275 horsepower and 394 NM of torque, and delivers a unique combination of power, performance, and efficiency, a larger 5.6-litre V8 that generates 400 horsepower and 560 NM of torque, and the 2023 Patrol NISMO’s 5.6-litre V8 engine generates a peak power output of 428 horsepower and a peak torque of 560 NM. All three engines are mated to a 7-speed automatic transmission.

The Nissan Patrol features a 140-litre fuel tank across all the variants and delivers fuel efficiency of 12.6-15 kmpl.

Interior: Nissan Patrol Vs Toyota Land Cruiser

Inside the cabin, both cars give the customer a luxurious feel with the spacious seats and the premium-looking elements of the cockpit. The LandCruiser offers room 7 persons while the Patrol has a seating capacity of 8 people.

The Land Cruiser features a 9-inch display with 6 speakers in 4.0-litre EXR and GXR models while the 4.0-litre VXR along with the 3.5-litre variants gets a 12.3-inch multimedia display along with 14 JBL speakers.

The Land Cruiser gets fabric upholstery in the base variant and features leather and premium leather upholstery in mid and top variants. The LandCruiser gets leather steering wheel in base and mid variants, leather and wood in higher variants and the GR Sport trim features a GR-SPORT steering wheel and GR emblem on the seats too. 

The Nissan Patrol features a 7-inch advanced driver display across all trims and a 6.75-inch multimedia display with 4 speakers in the base variant, a 12.3-inch multimedia display with 6 speakers in mid variants and a high-resolution 12.3-inch infotainment system on the dashboard with 13 speaker Bose sound System in higher variants. The higher variants also come along with two 10.1-inch rear entertainment screens for passengers. 

The Nissan Patrol gets fabric upholstery in base variants and features leather and quilted leather upholstery in mid and higher variants. The Patrol NISMO gets NISMO Red-Black Dual Tone Sporty Seats With Leather And Alcantara. The Patrol gets leather steering wheel in base and mid variants, leather and wood in higher variants and the NISMO trim feature a NISMO Steering Wheel With Alcantara & Carbon Print Inserts.

On the safety front, both Cars have Cruise control, brake assist, 6 and to 10 airbags (depending on the model). The Land Cruiser gets a 5 stars safety rating from ANCAP.

Exterior: Patrol Vs Land Cruiser

The Land Cruiser has a silver front grille, a chrome front bumper, a sunroof, LED head and taillights, LED daytime running lights, and front fog lights. It gets 18-inch alloys in the base variant and 20-inch alloys in the mid and higher variants.

The GR Sport model carries special styling elements like the special Toyota Badging at the front, special radiator grille, and front and rear bumpers and gets 18-inch GR Sport off-road wheels.

Nissan Patrol has a V-Motion chrome grille, LED head and taillights and LED daytime running lights but doesn't gets a sunroof. It gets 18-inch alloys in base and mid variants and 20-inch alloy wheels in higher variants. The stylized chrome along the bodywork and a new fender vent badge.

The sporty design elements of the Patrol NISMO feature aerodynamic inserts and NISMO badges, highlighted by the signature NISMO red line wrapped around the SUV’s base, with a side duct in the front bumper, roof spoiler, and 22-inch NISMO aluminium wheels. At the back, it features dark chrome inserts, wraparound taillights and an LED rear fog light. The Nismo edition gets a sunroof.

Colour Options

The Toyota Land Cruiser gets 8 colour options - Gray Metallic, Silver Metallic, Precious White Pearl, White Pearl Crystal Shine, Dark Blue Mica, Avant-grade Bronze Metallic, Dark Red Mica Metallic, and Attitude Black Mica.

The Nissan Patrol is available in 5 paint job options - Pearl White, Titanium Grey, Black Obsidian, Gun Metal Grey, and Topaz Brown.

Dimensions and Ground Clearance

The Nissan Patrol is more spacious and bigger than the Toyota LandCruiser as the LandCruiser is 5,115mm long and 1,980mm wide and comes with a ground clearance of 220-225mm, whereas the Nissan Patrol is 5,315mm long and 1,995mm wide and comes with a ground clearance of 273mm on all variants but 260mm in NISMO.

Price in UAE: Toyota Land Cruiser and Nissan Patrol

Land Cruiser

4.0-litre EXR - AED 233,900

4.0-litre GXR - AED 264,900

4.0-litre VXR - AED 297,900

3.5-litre GXR - AED 324,900

3.5-litre VXR - AED 364,900

3.5-litre GR Sport - AED 398,900

Nissan Patrol

4.0-litre V6 XE - AED 210,000

4.0-litre V6 SE T2 - AED 233,500

4.0-litre V6 SE Titanium - AED 260,500

4.0-litre V6 SE Platinum City - AED 286,500

5.6-litre V8 LE T1 - AED 240,500

5.6-litre V8 LE T2 - AED 290,000

5.6-litre V8 Titanium - AED 318,000

5.6-litre V8 Platinum City - AED 347,000

5.6-litre V8 NISMO - AED 395,000

Above mentioned prices may differ, depending upon your customisation selection.

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