Nissan Middle East Launches Badass Patrol Falcon And Gazelle

    Carprices Team / Posted On - August 23rd 2022

    The Nissan Patrol has been one of the top favourite choices for people who want a rugged, reliable off-roader in the UAE. Well, Nissan Middle East just added desirability to the Patrol's forte with the launch of the new Falcon and Gazelle editions.
    Developed exclusively for the UAE for Nissan's Middle Eastern department, the Nissan Patrol Falcon, Gazelle, and Gazelle-X take the iconic SUV's capabilities even further in terms of both off-road performance and interior luxury. The special editions are based on the Patrol Safari, employing the legendary Y61-generation underpinnings.
    The three-car assault begins with the Patrol Falcon. The SUV is mildly updated with 'Falcon' on the fenders as well as stitched on the seats, contrast fender-flares, gloss-black alloy wheels, and luxurious interiors. The decals are subtle yet classy, running down the SUV's profile from headlamp to taillamp. A discreet bumper-mounted light bar completes the package.
    The Patrol Gazelle is split into two variants. The Nissan Patrol Gazelle boasts of head-turning decals that reflect both the spirit of the desert as well as the SUV's all-terrain capabilities. Fender flares, 17-inch bronze-coloured alloy wheels with a Gazelle logo in the centre, 285mm M/T tyres, an air snorkel, and 'Gazelle' badging on the hood come together to impart the Patrol impressive presence. The manual transmission variant can be yours for AED 224,000 while the one with the automatic gearbox carries an AED 229,000 price tag.
    Things get downright exciting when we talk about the Nissan Patrol Gazelle-X. The SUV boasts of a long list of serious off-roading equipment. That's not all, for it is also a capable overland adventure machine. For starters, there's a four-inch lift kit with 17-inch off-road alloy wheels wrapped in 12-inch wide knobby rubber. An air snorkel sits on the hood, enabling the Gazelle-X to wade to a maximum depth of 1,500mm. In comparison, a Range Rover can wade to a maximum of 900mm of water.
    As if the crazy off-road credibility is not enough, the Patrol Gazelle-X gets a roof rack, 30-inch roof-mounted light bar, new differentials on both ends, comprehensive underbody protection, and heavy-duty bumpers. Inside, there are retractable drawers that stock overlanding essentials like a tow rope, ramps, a dual digital air compressor, and other odds and ends. Did we mention the electric winch up front? All this equipment, plus the SUV of course, is available for AED 300,000.
    The three-pronged launch of the Nissan Patrol cements the SUV's place as one of the Middle East's most preferred vehicles for a variety of off-roading adventures. Be prepared to see one of the beasts shooting up a dune, kicking up a storm in a wadi, or flash its lights menacingly at you on the highways.
    Featured Image Credit: GDN Online

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