The Extraordinary Journey Of Chris And Julie Ramsey: From The Magnetic North Pole To Antarctica In An EV

Carprices Team / Posted On - September 26th 2023

Discover Chris and Julie Ramsey's mission to promote EV adoption and address the climate crisis as they tackle diverse terrains and climates, inspiring a greener future.

In an extraordinary world-first expedition, husband and wife adventurers, Chris and Julie Ramsey have embarked on a remarkable journey from the 1823 Magnetic North Pole to the distant and icy realms of Antarctica. What sets this adventure apart is not just the incredible distance but the mode of transport they've chosen—a cutting-edge electric vehicle (EV).

A Journey of Over 20,000 km

Their trusty companion for this epic voyage is the expedition-ready Nissan Ariya, an electric vehicle specially equipped to withstand the most challenging terrains and conditions. Chris and Julie have already covered more than 20,000 kilometres on their electrifying journey.

From Arctic Challenges to Equatorial Heat

Their expedition has taken them through a rollercoaster of climates and landscapes. They braved the unforgiving Arctic Sea ice, navigated the treacherous Canadian ice roads, and explored the vast expanses of North and Central America. And now, they've reached a pivotal point in their journey—the equator line in Quito, Ecuador.

Nissan's Pole-to-Pole Mission

The Pole to Pole expedition was conceived as the ultimate test for an electric car, with a broader purpose in mind. Chris and Julie Ramsey are not just adventurers; they are environmental advocates. Their goal is to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles as a crucial step in addressing the climate crisis. They also aim to shed light on the positive actions of individuals, communities, and projects along their extraordinary routes.

Reflecting on the Journey with Nissan Ariya

Julie Ramsey reflects on their incredible adventures in the Northern Hemisphere, saying, "It's been an incredible experience so far. Our Expedition Ariya captures the interest of so many people on our route, and we've been privileged to be hosted and helped by the kindest and most fascinating people, who all embrace the positivity and hope that Pole to Pole represents."

Looking Ahead to the Southern Hemisphere

As they stand at the equator, the Ramseys are acutely aware that their journey is far from over. Chris shares his thoughts, "I set out to really push the limits of EVs and show the world just how capable and exciting they are. Our expedition Nissan Ariya has performed so well; it hasn't let us down and it's created so much interest from people along the way. It gives me confidence we can complete this expedition despite the challenging distances, terrains, and temperatures we will face in the Southern Hemisphere. Antarctica will be our toughest test yet, but we have the experience of our time in the Arctic to learn from, and I'm working on innovations that can help us reach the South Pole at the end of December."

The Road Ahead

Their journey from the equator will take them through the stunning yet punishing landscapes and climates of the Southern Hemisphere. Their ultimate goal is to reach the South Pole by the end of the year, marking an incredible milestone in the world of electric vehicles and adventure.

Chris and Julie Ramsey's expedition is not just about pushing the boundaries of what electric cars can achieve; it's a testament to human determination, environmental stewardship, and the power of positivity in the face of challenges. As they continue their remarkable journey, they inspire us all to embrace a greener future and explore the uncharted possibilities of EV travel.

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