Motul Announces The Launch Of NGEN, A Sustainable Range Of Engine Oil In The UAE Team / Posted On - September 13th 2023

The NGEN range is a groundbreaking development in engine oils, formulated specifically for hybrid cars and motorcycles using eco-friendly bio-sourced and premium regenerated base oils.

In a world where environmental consciousness meets the need for high-performance engine oils, Motul, a global leader in the formulation, production, and distribution of cutting-edge engine oils, has taken a bold step forward. Motul has officially launched its NGEN range of engine oils in the Middle East, aiming to address new challenges in the market with a product that seamlessly combines sustainability and high performance.

Unveiling the NGEN Range

The NGEN range represents a significant leap forward in the world of engine oils. It's crafted from bio-sourced and premium regenerated base oils tailored for passenger hybrid cars and motorcycles, respectively. This innovative approach not only limits Motul's environmental impact but also significantly reduces its carbon footprint during the manufacturing process.

A Sustainable Revolution

The heart of the NGEN range lies in its commitment to sustainability. By utilizing bio-sourced base oils for hybrid passenger cars and premium regenerated base oils for motorcycles, Motul has redefined the concept of premium engine oils. This approach not only benefits the environment but also enhances engine performance to the highest standards.

The Extraordinary Range of Engine Oil

Motul's NGEN range boasts an extraordinary lineup for motorcycle enthusiasts. Let's take a closer look at two remarkable products:

NGEN 5: The Daily Performer

The NGEN 5 is designed for everyday use and offers a host of benefits. Users can expect smoother shifting, improved fuel efficiency, and effortless starting. This engine oil adheres to the latest API standards and proudly carries the prestigious JASO MA2 certification.

NGEN 7: Unleash the Power

For those seeking peak performance and sporty rides, the NGEN 7 is tailored to perfection. It promises rapid engine response, a robust clutch grip, and outstanding high-temperature resilience. Like the NGEN 5, it also meets the latest API standards and carries the coveted JASO MA2 certification.

NGEN HYBRID: A New Era of Lubricants

Motul's legacy of innovation continues with the NGEN HYBRID range, dedicated lubricants designed explicitly for hybrid vehicles. Compared to traditional oils, this synthetic formulation offers multiple advantages, including enhanced lubrication, increased energy efficiency, and improved engine performance.

Meeting Stringent Standards

The NGEN HYBRID range is produced with organic base oils, elevating fuel efficiency, refining engine response, optimizing start-up performance, extending engine protection, and ensuring engine cleanliness. It meets the latest API SP & ILSAC GF-6 standards and the latest JASO GLV-1 specifications. This range underscores Motul's unwavering commitment to innovation and environmental stewardship.

Optimum Value and Efficiency

Motul's entire engine oil range consistently delivers top-tier performance throughout its usage interval, ensuring optimum value and efficiency for users. The NGEN range is a testament to Motul's enduring legacy of excellence, establishing a new standard where sustainability harmonizes with uncompromised high performance.

In conclusion, Motul's NGEN range of engine oils is a game-changer for the Middle East market. By fusing sustainability with performance, Motul is not only providing exceptional engine protection but also contributing to a greener future. With the NGEN range, Motul continues to lead the way in innovation, setting new standards for the industry.

A word from Motul Middle East official

Commenting on the launch of the product range, Mr. Dmitry Bakumenko, General Manager of Motul Middle East (Motul ME DMCC), said, “We are proud to launch the NGEN range of engine oils in the Middle East market with a vision for the future to bring more environmental awareness and performance in formulations. The latest development signifies our longstanding tradition of excellence with a forward-looking commitment to sustainability.”

he added, “We have produced the NGEN range by selecting the bio-sourced and regenerated base oils very carefully and combined them to maintain the performance at the expected level. This product range will enable massive CO2 emission reductions starting from the manufacturing process to the oil’s long life inside the engine and the use of 50 per cent recycled plastic bottles for packaging.”

Bakumenko elaborated, “Recognizing the global challenges at hand, we are committed to reducing dependency on crude oil, aligning with the critical need to mitigate CO2 emissions and proactively adapting to evolving environmental standards. We have always been at the forefront of innovation, setting industry standards for excellence. The new NGEN range marks another milestone in the brand’s history of high-end engine oils, now bringing sustainability into the equation.” 

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