More Pictures Of Mitsubishi e-Evolution, Details About AI

By Carprices TeamDecember 8th 2022
More Pictures Of Mitsubishi e-Evolution, Details About AI
Last month, a teaser image of Mitsubishi e-Evolution was released to give the world a hint, what Mitsubishi has for us. Now, a couple of more pictures have been surfaced and it seems to be rather clear that the new e-Evolution would be an electric SUV.
It definitely looks stunning, alienated, to be precise. The front has got two rows of LEDs. The upper row seems to work as DRLs, and perhaps, as turn indicators too and maybe, turning headlights as well. This row merges quietly with the grille. The lower row has only a couple of big LEDs which, we think, would act as the primary headlight.
The other picture of the e-Evolution shows us the side view of the car. It is very aggressive and futuristic. We can't see the A and B pillars, or it's just in the picture, while the C pillar still looks real. There's a sharp line that runs across the entire length of the car starting from the behind of the front wheel arch.
It is believed that the Mitsubishi e-Evolution would have three electric motors. One located on the front axle, and the other two on the rear. They would provide power to all the four wheels of the car.
Quite interesting, right? Well, this was the hint about the exterior design of the e-Evolution. The main thing that Mitsubishi has planned to disclose in the upcoming 45th Tokyo Motor Show, is the AI of the car. Mitsubishi says, “An array of sensors allows the AI system to instantly read changes in road and traffic conditions, as well as the driver's intent. Seamlessly coordinating driver intent with vehicle performance, the system supports drivers of all abilities and by making it easier and safer to control the vehicle, thereby bringing the motoring experience to a new level.”
Mitsubishi further added, “After building a picture of the driver's skill level, the system constructs a training program that provides advice through voice dialogue and a large dashboard display. As a result, drivers of all abilities quickly experience a vehicle that behaves the way they want it and soon they find themselves enjoying the driving experience to an even greater degree.”