MG Motor takes centre stage at Riyadh Motor Show and made the debut of the MG White Globally and the MG7 Regionally Team / Posted On - December 7th 2023

MG Motor impressed at the Riyadh Motor Show with the bold MG Whale and MG7. MG also showcased a custom MG T60, emphasized sustainability with New Energy models, and Managing Director Tom Lee highlighted a century of heritage and innovation.

MG Motor's Grand Entrance

MG Motor takes center stage at Riyadh Motor Show to unveil two stellar models, the globally debuted MG Whale and the regionally revealed MG7. In a strategic move, MG Motor utilized this prominent platform to showcase its commitment to delivering cutting-edge vehicles tailored to the discerning tastes of Middle East and Saudi markets.

The MG Whale:

The MG Whale, a revolutionary SUV-coupe, commands attention with its daring design elements. The distinctive whale-inspired grille and oval-shaped vertical lights on the rear make a bold statement on the road. This petrol-powered marvel boasts a striking exterior coupled with a luxurious interior featuring dual 12.3-inch curved panoramic screens, Nappa-leather-clad seats, and a button-free design that elevates the driving experience.

Set to be available for sale from the end of December 2023, the MG Whale promises not just style but also top-notch performance and innovation. MG Motor has redefined the SUV-coupe segment, offering a vehicle that seamlessly blends style, performance, and cutting-edge technology.

The MG7:

With a sporty look, triangle-shaped headlights, and a continuous taillight unit, the MG7 is set to make a powerful statement on the roads in March 2024. The interior is equally impressive, featuring a 12.3-inch main screen, a 10.25-inch instrument panel, and a stylish three-spoke steering wheel. This region-first model is a testament to MG Motor's commitment to providing diverse options that harmoniously blend performance and aesthetics for its customers.

A Custom Touch: MG T60 and New Energy Mobility Models

MG Motor didn't stop at just the Whale and MG7; they also showcased a custom-made MG T60, adding a unique touch to their display at the Riyadh Motor Show. Additionally, the brand highlighted its New Energy mobility models, including the MG HS PHEV and the new MG ZS EV, showcasing a commitment to sustainable and eco-friendly driving solutions. The MG Motor stand featured other top-tier models such as the RX5, MG GT, and the recently introduced MG ONE, further solidifying MG's position in the market.

Tom Lee's Perspective

MG Motor Middle East Managing Director, Tom Lee, emphasized the strategic significance of their presence at the Riyadh Motor Show. He expressed the brand's dedication to the Middle East market through the world premiere and regional debut, marking momentous occasions for MG Motor. Lee highlighted the brand's rich history, celebrating MG Motor's 100 Years and the newly signed partnership with Jiad Modern Motors, a Mohamed Yousuf Naghi company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Future Dynamics of MG Motor

With a rich British heritage and a keen understanding of the evolving automotive landscape in the Middle East, MG Motor is poised for a dynamic future. As the brand approaches its 100 Year Anniversary, fueled by innovation, rich heritage, customer-centricity, and a passion for setting new benchmarks in the automotive industry, MG Motor is set to thrive for generations to come.

In conclusion, MG Motor's presence at the Riyadh Motor Show showcased not only their commitment to innovation and design excellence but also their dedication to the Middle East market. The MG Whale and MG7 models represent a new era for MG Motor, promising a dynamic and innovative future. As the brand celebrates its 100 Year Anniversary, the combination of British heritage and a forward-thinking approach positions MG Motor as a leader in the ever-evolving automotive industry.

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