MG Motor Introduces iLink To The UAE

By Carprices TeamAugust 23rd 2022
MG Motor Introduces iLink To The UAE
MG Motor has launched a new application for existing customers that enables them to have greater control over their cars. The iLink smartphone app offers both dynamic and service features in a user-friendly interface.
iLink is compatible across the entire MG range. It allows users to locate their vehicle via geo-location. This sort of feature is handy as it can help users to find where they parked their car if they forgot where it was. It can also track a moving target, which is quite helpful in many ways. But its real party trick is its Punch Sensor technology. This clever system employs myriad sensors all over and inside the car to glean if the vehicle is damaged, parked, driven by the valet driver, or someone else entirely.
The application opens up the MG range of cars to the Internet Of Things. Customers who use iLink can now pre-cool their car to ease bearing the Middle Eastern summer heat. Just schedule a daily time to wake the engine for an hour, and you can be on your way as soon as the app has notified you of the car cooling down sufficiently.
iLink also tracks your driving history and monitors driving behavior. It records how much fuel has been used over a specific period of time, locations the car has visited, and total spending on fuel. By browsing through the history, owners can ascertain if anyone who has borrowed their MG has been driving it safely.
MG motor has brought this application out specifically for the Middle Eastern market. Customers can now find ownership to more convenient and be assured of a certain degree of peace of mind. "MG iLink... features pioneering technology that highlights MG Motor's commitment to being at the forefront of technology and innovation within the car industry,” said Tom Lee, Managing Director of SAIC Motor Middle East.