Mercedes-Benz Teases the World with the Concept EQ

By Carprices TeamDecember 9th 2022
Mercedes-Benz Teases the World with the Concept EQ
The 2017 Frankfurt auto show is just around the corner. With just a few days remaining, Mercedes-Benz teases the audience with its new Concept EQ which is essentially an electric car from the German brand. The Concept EQ from Mercedes-Benz is set to debut at the Frankfurt show but Mercedes chooses to keep us eager and waiting with the teaser. There are not many details of the Concept EQ car but it will mostly sit in the crossover hatchback category as seen in the Paris auto show when the Generation EQ Concept car was revealed.
Without a doubt, the Concept EQ will share its platform with the amazing AMG Project One Hypercar. There is also the Smart Vision EQ which will also debut at the Frankfurt auto show this year. The progression in the EQ concepts are very prominent from the Mercedes-Benz lineup.
This means that very soon there will be a production ready vehicle that will roll out shortly. Launching a hatchback or a crossover seems like a safe move from the German brand and will help go against competition like the Chevy Bolt and the Tesla Model 3.
That being said, this is not going to be happening until 2020 so there will be more concept cars coming from the Mercedes-Benz until we can see an actual production version of these concepts. The car has about two electric motors and is set to cover 496 kilometres on a single charge which is an impressive range on paper.
There will also be driver assist systems on this car which will help in traction and braking of this car. There is an accentuated ambient lighting on this car that will change color as per the driver's desire. Overall the Concept EQ shows a glimpse of what the future holds for Mercedes-Benz electric technology.