McLaren 765LT: Is It Possible To Surpass the 720S?

By Carprices TeamAugust 23rd 2022
McLaren 765LT: Is It Possible To Surpass the 720S?
McLaren debuted the newest model in its family of Longtail cars: the McLaren 765LT. Building upon the fantastic 720S, the 765LT is a more powerful, lighter, and meaner sports car from the British carmaker.
Most sports car manufacturers have subdivisions that overhaul existing models to build enhanced performance automobiles. Audi Sport RS, Mercedes-AMG, BMW M, Jaguar SVO are some of the more popular brands in this space. McLaren came up with the Longtail designation for its hardcore cars. The first Longtail car was the 600LT that souped up the 570S to offer more performance.
Fast forward to today, Woking has debuted the 765LT based on the 720S. What do you get with the new badge? For starters, how does 755hp sound? Power comes from a 4.0-litre twin-turbocharged V8 that also churns out 800Nm. A seven-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox claims to shift 15 percent faster than the 720S's unit.
McLaren says the 765LT can hit the ton in 2.8 seconds and 200kph in a mere 7.2 seconds. What's more impressive is that Woking shaved off 80kg from the 720S's mass, resulting in the Longtail tipping the scales at just 1,229kg. The LT also uses revised carbon fibre body parts like the front splitter, both bumpers, side skirts, diffuser, and an active wing. A new full-system titanium exhaust weighs just 10.9kg, emitting glorious sounds through four end cans.
Together, the low weight and new aerodynamics package increase the 765LT's available downforce by 25 percent. McLaren engineers install updated springs with extra helper springs to enhance driving dynamics. Being McLaren, the firm also uploaded new algorithms for the Proactive Chassis Control II that electronically tweaks the suspension.
All the power and performance is no good if the brakes aren't up to the job. Thankfully, the 765LT doesn't disappoint, offering carbon-ceramic rotors and calipers from the Senna. Optionally, customers can also specify the Senna's discs with a unique set of brake pads for the Longtail.
Inside, carbon fibre is present wherever you look. It makes up the seats, centre tunnel, and even exposed parts of the floor. The chassis tub is made of carbon fibre exclusively, and so are certain parts of the dashboard. McLaren doesn't equip the LT with air-conditioning and audio system as standard, but these can be optionally added to the car.
With so much going on, rivals from other brands have a lot to measure up to. The McLaren 765LT can toe the line with the best of supercars, and leave them all in its wake, treating them to a glorious V8 soundtrack. And finally, we can hardly wait for McLaren to drop the next Longtail.