Make Way For A New Ferrari Hypercar Due In 2020

By Carprices TeamAugust 23rd 2022
Make Way For A New Ferrari Hypercar Due In 2020
Ferrari's chief technology officer hinted at the development and launch of an all-new hypercar sometime by the end of this decade. The brand will be building a new halo car which will foreshadow a new generation of hot cars from Maranello.
When it comes to supercars, if you rest after building a really good one, the world will come out with ten better cars than yours. Ferrari knows this and does not intend to slacken its grip on the world of supercars. While some might argue that the LaFerrari is still in the game with the prancing horse having delivered 210 examples of the hypercar in open-top Aperta spec just last year, it has actually been five years since the car has been on the road. In supercar terms, that makes the LaFerrari an old model.
Michael Leiter, Chief Technology Officer of Ferrari remarked in an interview with England's Autocar that Maranello is currently working on finalizing its innovation and technology plans for the future. Once Ferrari's roadmap for the future is all hammered out, the company will focus its attention on building a new halo car whose technology will in turn trickle down to the next generation of V12-powered models. Currently, the benefactors of the LaFerrari's impressive suite of tech are the GTC4 Lusso based on the FF and the 812 Superfast based on the Berlinetta. The next generation of these cars will borrow their tech from the new hypercar.
"The roadmap will be finished in about six months, so my guess is that we could be three to five years away from a new limited edition hypercar," said Leiter. He further added that Ferrari won't follow in the footsteps of Mercedes-AMG and build a road-legal car powered by a Formula One engine. "It won't be a road car with a Formula 1 engine because to be realistic, it would need to idle at 2500-3000 rpm and rev to 16,000 rpm," he said.
Ferrari has traditionally waited just less than a decade before replacing its range-topping supercar with a new one. The LaFerrari was unleashed in 2013, eleven years after the Enzo saw the light of day in 2002, which itself replaced the F50, production of whose commenced sometime in 1995. The F40 which was released in 1987 gave way to the F50, after replacing the 288 GTO (It is worth noting that the F40 was launched just three years after the GTO). In today's world where new hypercars with eye-watering performance and price tags are hitting the streets every other day, Ferrari wants to show the newcomers just how to build a supercar. And that can only be done by not going into hibernation for another decade, as was the Italian automaker's practice in the days of old.