Land Rover Plans Ultra Luxurious SUV To Rival The Bentley Bentayga

By Carprices TeamDecember 27th 2022
Land Rover Plans Ultra Luxurious SUV To Rival The Bentley Bentayga
Bentley has their Bentayga while Rolls-Royce is busy preparing the Cullinan. The Tata Motors-owned company does not have for the moment a vehicle to fully rival the opulent Bentley Bentagya, but that could change in the years to come as an ultra-luxurious range topper is being considered.
When Automotive News asked if the brand could introduce a new, more expensive flagship model. Such a vehicle wouldn't necessarily be larger than the Range Rover Long Wheelbase, but simply more well-appointed, Land Rover design boss Gerry McGovern responded “why not?”
“I would argue you could have two Range Rovers exactly the same size but if they had two personalities then they would both have equal appeal but to different customers,” McGovern said.
The British designer also noted the Range Rover currently covers a wide pricing range, starting at $85,000 (AED 312,205) and goes to $199,000 (AED 730,927) for the extended wheelbase version of the SV Autobiography. Because of this, pushing the price up a bit more to offer the kind of luxury that rivals the $231,000 (AED 848,463) Bentley Bentayga wouldn't be a big challenge.
Land Rover also believes its brand image is much stronger than Bentley's in regards to SUVs, which will give it the edge should it come out with an ultra-luxurious offering.
Bentley doesn't have the pedigree and authenticity in that particular sector,” McGovern said. “We've got unquestionable pedigree.”