Lamborghini Will Produce Only 8,000 Models For MY2020

By Carprices TeamAugust 23rd 2022
Lamborghini Will Produce Only 8,000 Models For MY2020
Now would be the right time to book yourself a Lamborghini as the company plans to cap its production in 2020 at 8,000 units. As much of a shocker it is, we had no idea that the company was doing so well.
Back in 2010, the bull-badged brand sold 1,302 cars worldwide, which was significantly lower than its rival Ferrari which sold 6,461 models. These figures were humbly rewritten last year with the company breaking all its records to report a 51 per cent rise in sales, delivering 5,750 cars.
The cap as we learn is because the company now believes will maintain two post-sale hallmarks required to raise its new-car sales: exclusivity and resale value. Its long-known rival Ferrari has carved a name in the market with such practice of voluntary caps to maintain the brand name.
Speaking to an Australian publication, Domenicali said: “I can also say that for us, Ferrari has always been a reference ... as well as others in the super sports car segment, but we have already achieved higher residual values for our cars, especially with some of our older models.”
Reports suggest that half of the planned 8,000 models have been marked out for the Urus, two-thirds of the remainder for the Huracan and the rest for the Aventador. Similarly, we assume that the price cap will be applicable for the year 2020 only.
In 2013, Ferrari was faced with a similar situation after then-CEO Luca Montezemolo held production to under 7,000 models after delivering 7,318 models in 2012. After Sergio Marchionne took over the CEO in 2014, the said car was maintained. In the same breath, if Lamborghini manages to score a 40 per cent increase in deliveries this year, then in 2019 the carmaker will cross the aforementioned cap by 50 units. This is not impossible for the automaker as this is the first full year of Urus sales.
The Italian brand has been faced with upward pressure after its Huracan GT3 EVO was successful at the Rolex 24 at Daytona a year after the Huracan GT3 bagged a victory in 2018. So far, the Lamborghini Squadra Corse has built more than 200 customer racers. Additionally, talking to Automotive News, Domenicali had earlier said that the company was planning to “sell 4,500 to 5,000 units per year globally in the short term” and this was before the company announced the one-make series for the Urus ST-X concept came to increase demand