Is Ferrari planning to make FUVs, we mean SUVs?

By Carprices TeamDecember 27th 2022
Is Ferrari planning to make FUVs, we mean SUVs?
We recently reported about the spy shots of the Lamborghini's upcoming SUV, the Urus, and now reports have emerged which suggest that Ferrari is also tying up its laces to enter into the SUV segment.
In a recent interview, Sergio Marchionne, Chairman, Ferrari, confirmed that the company is indeed looking to produce an SUV in the near future. While he didn't reveal much about the plans, he did say that it'd take around 30 months for the conceptualisation of a new SUV model.
Being a Ferrari, the future-FUV will definitely be an extremely powerful machine. Maybe it will sport a massive V12 engine to get as many horses running as possible, and provide an enormous amount of torque simultaneously.
The reports also suggest that it's a possibility Ferrari's first SUV could borrow some design cues from the Porsche Cayenne or the Bentley Bentayga. Also, Ferrari is planning to double its market share by 2022 with this new SUV.
We are definitely excited to see what would Ferrari bring to the table because, by the time they'd be ready with a concept, it's being anticipated that Lamborghini will soon launch its Urus. Ferrari has been working on a solid plan for last two months.will release its future goals in its five-year plan during the first quarter of 2018.