Is BMW 8-Series Gran Coupe To Be Unveiled Soon?

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The 2018 Geneva Motor Show is just around the corner. Various car manufacturers are preparing for it. BMW too is among them and it might just unveil the 8-series Gran Coupe.

This isn’t certain but the Geneva Motor Show is a big event and it would serve a good platform for BMW to reveal its latest 8-series Gran Coupe. BMW has also released a teaser image of the car. It looks astonishing. Of course, it is going to be long, as it would be a four-door car and not a two-door one.

The teaser image looks quite appealing. It reveals that the 8-series Gran Coupe is going to be a very aerodynamically capable vehicle, as its design is very sleek and sharp.

BMW could use a 4.4-litre Bi-turbo V8 engine on its new Gran Coupe. But it’s not confirmed as BMW has not released any detail regarding the car. But we’re really looking forward to seeing it at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show.