Infiniti Previews New Electric Crossover Concept

By Carprices TeamAugust 23rd 2022
Infiniti Previews New Electric Crossover Concept
Infiniti has officially announced that a new all-electric crossover will join its lineup in the near future. The company will preview the new model with a concept car at the Detroit auto show in January. 
Infiniti hinted that it will design the new crossover after the original FX45 crossover, although slightly sportier. The car will debut a brand new EV platform for the Japanese automaker. During a small gathering at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, Infiniti president Ronald Krueger suggested the company is working to follow up on its Prototype 10, taking inspiration from the original FX45 crossover.
"That car was really bold, an icon, and its design is still relevant today," Krueger said of the original FX45 crossover. The Infiniti boss said the Prototype 10, debuting during this year's Monterey Car Week showcases the future design language of the brand's upcoming electric cars. The next Prototype in the series will continue to demonstrate and evolve the new design language.
2019 will be a significant year for Infiniti as it marks the company's 30th anniversary. Infiniti was floated by Nissan at the 1989 Detroit Motor Show.
Karim Habib, executive design director of Infiniti, told Car And Driver that the Prototype 10 was the first manifestation of the new design language that would soon filter down on the firm's electric cars beginning 2021. Habib said the new design language is aiming to be "minimalist, but engaging, compelling, and expressive." Isn't that what Jaguar already does?
The FX-inspired Prototype will likely be shown in the same silver finish to echo the firm's new electric ambitions. The next Infiniti will also boast the "modern surface treatment" of the Prototype 10. The firm will showcase the design study in January in Detroit if it does not tease more details sooner.