How About Flying In An S-Class Inspired First Class Cabin?

By Carprices TeamDecember 12th 2022
How About Flying In An S-Class Inspired First Class Cabin?
Mercedes-Benz S-Class has a class of its own. The cars from the German manufacturer are well-known for their luxurious interiors, but the S-Class is the epitome of how luxurious a car's cabin can get. People who own an S-Class would definitely have got busy schedules and must have to fly to different places to run their errands. Unfortunately, they can't fly in an S-Class, or can they?
In an attempt to make such people at home, Mercedes-Benz and Emirates have created an S-Class inspired first class cabin. This is a result of three years' work as both these companies joined hands and started working on it in 2014. And now it's a reality. Have a look at its pictures.
Passengers can experience this new cabin only on-board an Emirates' Boeing 777. The cabin has features borrowed from the S-Class, like cabin controls, choice of materials, ambient lighting, etc. Just like in an S-Class, attention to details here too is simply outstanding. The cabin even features something called 'virtual windows', which is apparently a function “adopted from NASA” to help give a sense of weightlessness.
Emirates have said that as of 1st Dec 2017, passengers flying first class with them also get a door-to-door transfer to and from Dubai airport in a, of course, Mercedes-Benz S-Class. It will be an exhilarating experience. We're glad to know that Emirates and Mercedes-Benz have taken this step to provide a new and different flying experience. We always appreciate such new ideas. Kudos, to both of the companies!