Honda's New Urban EV Concept Showcased At Frankfurt

By Carprices TeamAugust 23rd 2022
Honda's New Urban EV Concept Showcased At Frankfurt
The Frankfurt Motor Show 2017 is in its full swing with many car manufacturers across the globe showcasing their finest concepts, and future products. Honda was also present at the show, obviously, and unveiled its new Urban EV Concept. And we must say, it's an instant attention-seeker.
While the trending style in the industry of electric vehicles is progressing towards modernisation with futuristic looks, Honda decided to go all retro with its Urban EV Concept. Its silhouette reminds us of the 1970s VW Golf GTI and that's not at all a bad thing. We loved the Golf. Also, the multi-spoke wheels add a charm to the overall stance of the car.
The retro styling of the concept EV ends as soon as you see its interiors. There's a wide touchscreen panel sitting on the dashboard; it is the dashboard, we guess. Then there's also a secondary screen on the driver's door. Quite modern, eh? Honda has also installed LED panels outside the car, one at the front and one at the rear, both of which can display some text messages and carries Honda's logo in the middle.
The concept has rear-hinged doors, that means it will open up just like we've seen in Rolls Royces. However, we think that Honda would drop this feature in the production model. Oh, this reminds us, the good news is that Honda has said that the Urban EV Concept isn't a vision for a distant future, it will be coming to the market in 2019. Perhaps, Honda will start with the European market first.
As of now, Honda hasn't released any power figures of the Urban EV Concept. We are expecting it to be packed with around 100 hp, maybe. And which electric cars would this be competing against, the BMW i3? Well, we'd find that out in 2019, right Honda?