Hennessey Waiting For Bugatti To Come With A Big Number

By Carprices TeamDecember 28th 2022
Hennessey Waiting For Bugatti To Come With A Big Number
Recently Koenigsegg Agera RS officially became the world's fastest production car by achieving an average speed of 447.18 kph. Well, it didn't come as a surprise because a few weeks ago the Swedes car manufacturer broke Bugatti Chiron's 0-400-0 kph world record by a good margin, but, yes, we weren't expecting them to catch the headlines once again this soon.
Meanwhile, speaking to Topgear.com, John Hennessey commented about Koenigsegg's achievement, “Those guys crushed our number and I think it's great,” he told TG. “Christian did it right. He just played it cool and built a dedicated car to smoke everybody. He laid the hammer down.”
Before Koenigsegg set up the new record, it was Hennessey's Venom GT which held the title of world's fastest production car. It did it in 2014 at the Kennedy Space Center by achieving a top speed of 435.31 kph. Watching Koenigsegg break this would have been a moment of mixed emotions for Hennessey. John said, “My first thought was 'did they run both directions?because that's a question everybody asks us. Then I wondered if they'd brought proper Racelogic VBOX equipment to validate the data. I later heard that they did. So once I saw the official news come out on Instagram and then YouTube, I looked at it and I thought they did it right. And fair play to them.”
We haven't heard from Bugatti regarding any of this. It was Bugatti who pushed the engineering limits to its boundaries with the Veyron decades ago. Now, it took a while to come up with its new Chiron, so obviously, everyone had their hopes high. Not that it's a bad car in any way, the Agera RS seems to be just a bit better when it comes to setting up or breaking world records.
John also said that he isn't worried about Koenigsegg breaking Venom GT's record. He's more excited and motivated. It is Bugatti who would be under a lot of pressure to fulfil the world's expectations. When the GT was driven at the Kennedy Space Center in 2014, we didn't achieve its top speed, we just ran out of roads.
Does it mean Hennessey is waiting for Bugatti to react to all this and come up with a new big number which the world is waiting for? Perhaps, yes. We too want Bugatti to do what it started decades ago and return at the top. With all the latest technological developments and the urge to be the world's best, we will get to see more such (good) rivalry among some of the world's finest automobile manufacturers in the years to come.