Further Details About Upcoming BMW i4 Surface

By Carprices TeamDecember 13th 2022
Further Details About Upcoming BMW i4 Surface
BMW's sluggish progress in the EV segment is no news. While Audi and Mercedes Benz have already launched their complete-electric SUVs this year, BMW struggled with a concept of the Vision iNext that is scheduled to enter production in 2021.
Auto Express was opportune to dig out some fresh details on the i4 electric car that is expected soon after the Vision iNext in 2021. At the Geneva auto show that was held in March this year, BMW Group CEO Herald Kruger confirmed that the company will be launching at least 12 electric vehicles by 2025.
Reports suggest that the upcoming i4 will take several design cues from the current 4-series but will have its own archetypal features to distinguish from other models. Citing internal sources of the company, Auto Express reported that the i4 was most likely to be closely related to the next 4-series Gran Coupe but taller in order to accommodate the batteries above the axles.
Further details about the i4 that was revealed by major executives in the company state that the car will deliver a range close to 600km on a single charge. Apart from that, it was also revealed that the iNext could be even higher than 700 km of range.
Earlier in September, BMW took the covers off the Vision iNext concept. The autonomous SUV shares look with numerous upcoming cars in BMW's palette under the 'i' sub-brand. While the company has not revealed any further details on its technicalities. However, reports suggest that a pair of electric motors that are present in the SUV will be capable of taking it to triple-digit speeds in under 4.0 seconds.
It will possess the company's fifth-generation batteries of 120 kilowatts with an expected range of close to 600km. Speaking of its autonomy, the SUV will be offered with a Level 3 self-driving capability in certain highway conditions which allows the driver can let go of the wheel and even look away for extended periods, though they have to be ready to take over within seconds.
The interior design of the SUV carries a relaxed ambience with a large panoramic glass roof. Controls are integrated into the dashboard furnishing of the vehicle and can be used when the driver brushes fingers over it, a tech that the company calls 'shy tech'.
(Image source: Auto Express/ Avarvarii)