Ford Takes Car Designing To Next Level, Uses MS Hololens Tech

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Today’s advanced technologies have contributed so much to the development of automobile industry. Many processes that used to take an infinite amount of time, are now completed in minutes. Moving ahead with time, Ford has opted to use Microsoft Hololens in its designing process.

Mixed reality headsets and visualisation software allow designers at Ford to change various elements of a vehicle like side mirrors, grilles, vehicle interiors, etc., in a matter of seconds. There’s no need to use old-school methods, and drawing clay models and then testing them out. All they need to do is use mixed reality and play around with the ideas in their heads.

Surprisingly, Ford has been using Microsoft’s HoloLens technology in their designing processes for over a year now. They have implemented this technology in their Dearborn Studios in the USA. This has allowed them to experiment with the designs more freely without worrying about the time factor. They can explore with various shapes, sizes, designs, colours, etc in a few minutes.

Jim Holland, VP, vehicle component and systems engineering, Ford, said “It’s amazing we can combine the old and the new – clay models and holograms – in a way that both saves time and allows designers to experiment and iterate quickly to dream up even more stylish, clever vehicles. Microsoft HoloLens is a powerful tool for designers as we continue to re-imagine vehicles and mobility experiences in fast-changing times.”

Craig Wetzel, manager, design technical operations, Ford, said “We may not be able to teleport yet, but HoloLens allows us to review full-size 3D designs with designers and engineers around the world in real time. And we’ve only just scratched the surface, so possibilities for the future seem almost limitless. This is very exciting.”

Michael Smith, Ford design manager, said “With HoloLens, we can instantly flip through virtual representations to decide which direction they should go. As a designer, you want to show, not just tell. This is much more compelling.”

It is amazing how technology has affected the way we live our lives. Of course, everything has a both positive and negative elements. Ford is quite pleased with Microsoft Hololens tech and is satisfied with the results it has got from its Studio in the US. Now, it is planning to implement this globally. Let’s see how other manufacturers react to this.